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Bosch Common Rail

Detroit Diesel Engine Repair

At RPM Diesel Engine Co, Inc. we are proud to deliver our newest addition to provide the latest in Bosch common rail test services. RPM Diesel Engine Co. is a complete source for marine diesel engine sales, maintenance, and general engine services. We are factory authorized to distribute and work on all name major name brands in the marine engine industry and have been in business for over six decades. We specialize in all diesel marine engine repairs and have recently decided to turn our focus on updating our machines to incorporate a modern Bosch common rail service.

Our latest contribution to our full marine engine maintenance services is the Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench. Its ability to analyze any deficiencies in common rail fuel systems is unlike all previous systems designed for a similar purpose and is capable of breaking down fuel deliveries with 1/10 of a single cubic millimeter. This ability to precisely depicts problems in any Bosch common rail fuel system offers owners to maintain their marine engines to continue to operate smoothly. The Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench gives our professional technicians the ability to diagnose any common rail fuel system and accurately implement their repair services to keep your marine engine running as it should.

We utilize our new Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench with an ISO Standard clean room to fully realize its capabilities. The ISO Standard clean room is pressurized with Hepa filtered air and is specifically engineered to meet the tough standards that are expected of any Bosch factory authorized repair service and distributor.

As with any fuel system, the major components that need regular repairs and maintenance service are the fuel tank, fuel line, fuel pump, fuel injectors, and the fuel filter. It only takes one of these important aspects to fail for the entire machine to become problematic. That is why we invested in the purchase of our Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench. At RPM Diesel Engine Co. our main goal is to keep the marine engines we depend on in working order. If as something as simple as a clogged hole or a dripping nozzle can throw the whole system into chaos then the whole system would have to be rebuilt. It’s easy to accept how big of an inconvenience this would be for anyone that depends on their marine engines for their livelihood and profession.

In addition to Bosch products we also serve these other major brands in the marine engine industry:

  • Detroit Diesel
  • MTU
  • Northern Lights
  • Kohler
  • Fuchs Silkolene

Investigate our entire marine engine catalog online at RPM Diesel Engine Co, Inc. and find all the parts and services that we offer. Contact Us for additional questions or for more information.

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Bosch Common Rail