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BOSCH Injection services by RPM Diesel

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BOSCH  Injection services by RPM Diesel

If your boat features BOSCH designed fuel injection system, RPM diesel is where you should bring your marine vessel when it comes time for work. Fuel injection systems are complicated pieces of engineering that require serious technical know-how, and often BOSCH certifications and equipment to work on.

Since 1956 RPM diesel has been performing Professional repair services like Common Rail repairs and maintenance on diesel equipment for both passenger and commercial class vehicles. Our shop is considered top-tier marine diesel specialists who meet or exceed the standards set by OEM manufacturers when it comes to repairs and replacements. We are one of two BOSCH certified repair centers allowed by the manufacturer to work on their fuel injection components. Fuel Injection maintenance is one of the many services we perform, and it is also one of the most important ones. Additionally know that Fuel Injection maintenance should only be attempted by professionally trained licensed diesel mechanics with access to certified equipment and workstations. Read on to learn more!

As we mentioned earlier, certified and regulated tools and workspaces are needed for these types of repairs. All of our Fuel Injection maintenance is performed within our Bosch Certified Clean Room kept free of contaminants using HEPA filtered air systems. We have access to BOSCH’s software which allows us to monitor the repair process in ways a person alone could never do. The software compares the many parts of the Common Rail injector system in its current state, such as the shims, to the factory specifications set down by Bosch. In order to ensure the measurements and comparisons are accurate, our measuring tools and equipment are subjected to a strict bi-weekly recalibration schedule in which these tools are ensured to be correct.

Our highly trained and certified technicians perform their work only on Bosch-certified test benches, specificaly the model EPS 815. This bench is designe dby the manufacturer directly for the purpose of testing all passenger vehicle class (CRI) and commercial vehicle class (CRIN) injectors. Throughout the Common Rail assembly and/or repair process all parts are tested extensively to ensure that every part of the repair process goes smoothly. That same test bench is also capable of testing CRIN I, II, II, IV injectors as well as CP3 and CP4 model Bosch fuel pumps. Like all our other equipment involved in this process, the test bench is set to specifications derived right from the same equipment used to assemble the injection components at Bosch’s factories.

RPM diesel performs maintenance and repairs on every aspect of your diesel engines and generators, not just the fuel injection. For more information about our services, or to learn how you can get on a regular maintenance schedule, call today at  1-800-660-6304

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