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Bosch Diesel Services

Bosch Diesel Services

Diesel marine engines and marine generators are important parts of any craft. Moreover, a diesel engine is capable of running smoothly for decades. That is if it is properly serviced and maintained. Like any complex machine, normal wear and tear can quickly turn into a serious problem if left unattended. That goes for products made from top manufacturers, too. Anyone in need of Bosch diesel services for their engine or generator should trust the service provider as much as the machine itself. Fortunately, Bosch diesel services are something we do better than anyone. Visit our website for a more thorough look at our various diesel engine services by clicking the link provided here: RPM Diesel Engine Co, Inc.

Bosch Diesel Services | Bosch Common Rail

One of the reasons we are so trusted to perform diesel engine repair and maintenance services is due to the latest addition to our equipment lineup. This addition is the Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench. This test bench is unlike any system of its kind. It breaks down fuel deliveries within 1/10 of a single cubic mm and analyzes common rail systems for deficiencies. By doing such a precise analysis, our technicians are able to diagnose these problems and quickly begin any necessary maintenance and repair work.

Obviously, these tests are important to keep your engine operating at an optimal level. However, the other primary advantage of these Bosch diesel services is the potential amount of money saved over time. Overhauls are certainly no cheap endeavor. In fact, any major diesel engine repair services quickly add up over time. Why take the chance to pay unnecessary amounts of money when you can keep your engine running like new with a regular maintenance schedule? You can watch our Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench in action in our video below:

Bosch Diesel Services | Services Provided

The common rail service is far from the only diesel services we provide. In fact, we provide most major diesel engine and marine generator services. And, if possible, we can even bring the services to you. Using our fleet of well-equipped and highly trained technicians, we offer a dockside service and come straight to the location of your choice.

Here is the full list of the different diesel engine and diesel generator services we provide:

  • Common Rail Service
  • Diesel Engine Maintenance
  • Diesel Engine Overhauls
  • Fuel Injection Services for Diesel Engines
  • Turbocharger Service
  • Diesel Generator Repair

Bosch Diesel Services | About Us

RPM Diesel is South Florida’s complete source for everything involving diesel engines. We provide parts and a number of various factory authorized diesel engine repair and maintenance services for most major manufacturers. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL and serve the entire South Florida and Caribbean region. CONTACT US for more information. And don’t forget to check out the different parts we also provide for anyone in need diesel engine or diesel generator parts.

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Bosch Diesel Services

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