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Common Rail Injection System

Common Rail Injection System

The Bosch common rail injection system is our most recently added machine at RPM Diesel Engine, Co. to keep us at the top of our industry. RPM Diesel Engine Co. is an all-out provider of marine diesel engine services and sales. We carry a variety of marine diesel engine products and offer every major service involved in the marine diesel engine business. Our company proudly boasts factory authorization from the major names widely known to our industry and have been operating in South Florida now for over sixty years. Our specialties lie in the general service area of marine diesel engines and can now do this more accurately than ever with the new inclusion of our Bosch common rail injection system.

The Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench is the name of our impressive new common rail injection system. It enables our professional servicemen to diagnose complications found in common rail fuel systems and has a precision unseen in our respective industry. This means it can analyze common rail fuel system deficiencies more accurately and can break down fuel deliveries to 1/10 of single cubic mm. By doing so the Bosch common rail injection system enables marine diesel engine owners to operate smoothly for longer and gives our professional technicians a more accurate picture of how to best provide our excellent repair and maintenance services.

The Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench is housed and operated in an ISO Standard clean room. This clean room used pressurized Hepa filtered air to remain in compliance with the tough standards known to the Bosch company and is one of the primary reasons we are able to remain a Bosch factory authorized distributor and repair service. Another unique feature of our common rail injection system is its ability to work on all major brand marine diesel engines. In addition to Bosch we are also factory authorized dealers and service providers of these major brand names known to the marine diesel engine industry:

  • MTU
  • Northern Lights
  • Westerbeke
  • Fuchs Silkolene
  • Kohler
  • Garrett
  • Delphi

With an accurate analysis of any potential issue for your marine diesel engine or generator we can keep it working longer and smoother. Our diesel engine repair and maintenance services also address fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel filters, and every other major component of the fuel system. It doesn’t take much to throw a whole fuel system out of whack and with proper maintenance we can fix minor issues like a dripping nozzle or clogged hole to prevent full engine overhauls.

Visit our website at RPM Diesel Engine, Co. to see a full list of our marine diesel engine repair services and hard to find parts. Contact Us if you have any other questions or to see if we carry a specific hard to find part.

Find our Bosch Common Rail EPS 815 test bench in action on Youtube at the provided link.

Common Rail Injection System

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