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Detroit Diesel Series 60

Detroit Diesel Series 60

Detroit Diesel Series 60 is one of the most reliable marine diesel engines ever manufactured. Many different boat manufactures use the Detroit Diesel Series 60 as their main power plant of choice. There are many reasons for this but their reliability and power are unsurpassed in the marine sector. RPM Diesel Engine Co. Inc. is an authorized Detroit Diesel company. We have been working on the Detroit Diesel Series 60 since its inception. With proper maintenance and tune-ups these marine diesel engines have the longest productive lifespan than leading competitors. This diesel engine in a marine environment has proved itself within the recreational and commercial boating community. These marine diesel engines are built the same way as their reputation – STRONG. Longevity and dependability are the hallmarks of the Detroit Diesel Series 60 marine diesel engine.

All Detroit Diesel Series 60 marine diesel engines have some type of DDEC control. DDEC I, DDEC II, DDEC III & DDEC IV control the timing and the exact amount of fuel that is delivered to each cylinder. The different DDEC models have a powerful system that is in charge of monitoring several core functions for your marine diesel engine. The DDEC system was designed to be user friendly for all skill sets. An experienced diesel mechanic, engineer, boat captain or even the boat owner can easily read the diagnostic data that is similar to your car. Orange and Red lights depending on severity warning level along with annunciators that will alarm you to adverse engine conditions. Don’t worry the DDEC will prevent any major harm to your engine.

The DDEC has sensors that send important electrical signals straight to the main ECM (Electronic Control Module). The main job of the ECM is to deliver a command pulse directly to the EDU (Electronic Distributor Unit). The EDU serves one main purpose – high current switching unit for the actuation of the EUI (Electronic Unit Injector) solenoids. The ECM has been programmed with sophisticated options. Limiting the engine from harming itself or a complete hard shutdown depending on your preferred configuration. The DDEC will alert you to low oil pressure, low coolant levels or higher oil temperatures.

Your Detroit Diesel Series 60 comes equipped with the most modern safety functions available in the marine diesel industry. RPM Diesel Engine Co. Inc. recommends visual inspections for any Marine Diesel Engine and or marine generator. Lubricant stains are easily spotted and caution should be taken. If you don’t do a visual inspection every time at least do it after prolonged period of inactivity. If you are not comfortable going down in the engine room call RPM. We’ll make sure your Detroit Diesel Series 60 is running in tip top shape.

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Detroit Diesel Series 60

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