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What is a Diesel Engine Fuel Injector?

Diesel Engine Fuel Injector

What is a diesel engine fuel injector? What are the benefits of a diesel engine fuel injector? How does a diesel engine fuel injector work, what makes it fail, and how difficult is it to maintain? These are important questions to every owner of a diesel engine. The diesel engine fuel injector is actually what separates it from average gas engines and is the most complex aspect of the diesel engine.

So, let’s start off with the basics. Gas engines use port injection or a carburetor to inject fuel before the intake stroke. This occurs outside the cylinder. What this means is gas engines load fuel into the cylinder during the compression and intake stroke phase all at once. It the compression of the fuel and air mixture is compressed too much, it ignites and causes a sort of knocking to the engine, creating excessive heat and damaging the system.Diesel Engine Fuel Injector

This is where diesel engines differ significantly. A diesel engine uses a fuel injector to directly inject the fuel into the cylinder. It has to be capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and pressures inside of the cylinder while still delivering the diesel fuel in a fine mist.

One of the primary reasons a diesel engine fuel injector fails is the deterioration of the mechanics of the injector structure. It often takes an expert technician to look at these specific problems to properly diagnose. The five main mechanical failures are listed here:

  • High Internal Leakage or Return Flow
  • No Injection
  • Excessive Injection
  • Incorrect Injection RateDiesel Engine Fuel Injector
  • Excessive Wear, Abrasion, and Deposits causing Diesel Fuel Failures

Each of these mechanical failures has a list of precautions that a regular diesel engine fuel injector service can discover and address to help prevent from happening. The signs are different, but specific to each of these problems and your diesel engine fuel injector service provider should be qualified to point them out to you.

The second primary reason for the fuel injector to fail is simple: a lack of regular and proper service. A diesel engine is capable of running for hundreds of thousands of miles while in proper working order, but neglecting to do this causes its intricate parts to collectively wear down and fall apart more quickly.

It is a much more expensive venture to repair and replace parts in your diesel engine than it is to get it regularly serviced. RPM Diesel is a South Florida provider of diesel engine services and offers a broad spectrum of diesel engine maintenance services and parts. We have been leaders in this industry for over fifty years and plan to continue to proudly offer our services for anyone with diesel engine needs. Find out more about us at RPM Diesel and Contact Us or follow our YouTube channel for additional information on fuel injectors.

Diesel Engine Fuel Injector

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