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Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Mechanic

Are you looking for a Diesel Mechanic? Does your engine need overhauling perhaps or maybe you just need a injector rebuild, governor rebuild, fuel pump rebuild and calibration, pressure testing for the water jacket, seat grinding and rebuilding of the cylinder head. Thinking of putting a new turbocharger on you diesel engine? Take a look at some of these advantages of installing a turbocharger that you can gain immediately! Turbo charge your vessel with a turbo charger.





Double your horsepower!!!!

Improve torque and towing power!!!!

Lower your overall engine emissions!!!!

Higher engine performance and better fuel efficiency!!!!


Our Diesel mechanics have many insights into how you can keep your engine running in top shape and be able to be ahead of any issues that you might expect after documented hours of operation and heavy or extended use. If you visit you can get an idea of the kind of service you will be recieving from our past clients satisfaction to the various areas of service we cover. Thinking of heading out on the water for a long trip or maybe you just want to take your boat out on the water to run the engine and let the water scrub the bottom of the boat a little bit. Take your next trip with complete peace of mind knowing that has gone over everything you may have issues with and found the proper solution to whatever issue you may be facing.


Diesel mechanic needed? You can find the best possible mechanics and service professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile and handle your diesel mechanic problems. Do you know a diesel mechanic that you can trust?  You can count on  when you can’t find a reliable mechanic anywhere. We offer the Best Diesel engine maintenance, outstanding Diesel engine overhauls, extremely thoughtful and precise fuel injection services for your diesel engine, Great turbocharger service, Top of the line Diesel generator repair that can keep you energized. We service Detroit Diesel, Northern Lights, Kohler, Westerbeke engines and generators and MTU. Since 1956 we have been the leader in our industry and we have an amazing reputation and a large number of satisfied customers.

We have the ability to service many different types of engines and we are the factory authorized dealer for Detroit diesel / MTU, northern lights, westerbeke and others. Diesel mechanic to the rescue we are ready to service your diesel engine problems right away and can meet you on the boat or do repairs independently you can trust us to get the job done right the first time everytime. Visit us today at our shop located at 2555 W State Road 84, 33312 or online at today! Looking for parts that are hard to find we got you covered we have NOS or new old stock and we can fulfill orders that others cannot! RPM diesel services of america when you need a diesel mechanic look no further parts service and repair.           

Diesel Mechanic


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