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Fort Lauderdale Diesel Repair

Engine Performance Services in 2021

With Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful ocean access, waterfront hospitality, and many marinas,  it is no wonder that there are many diesel vessel owners in the area. You may be one of the many searching for Fort Lauderdale diesel repair and maintenance providers. At RPM Diesel Engine Co., we are diesel enthusiasts with a commitment to superb diesel servicing and customer satisfaction. Based right out of Fort Lauderdale, we have serviced Broward and Florida at large as some of the most trusted diesel technicians in the business. 


Diesel Maintenance Plans

The major draw of a diesel engine or generator is its efficiency and remarkable lifespan. When properly maintained, diesel engines and generators have been known to operate for 40 years. Properly maintained is the operative phrase here. To save yourself time and the hassle of a major breakdown, we offer ongoing maintenance by our renowned diesel technicians. We perform a full diagnostic and comprehensive maintenance including cooling system, oil, and common-rail services. We always recommend that most major diesel care be carried out by trained professionals to avoid a costly mishap. You can trust that RPM has the knowledge and equipment to keep your vessel running optimally for years to come. 


Diesel Engine Repair

Should a problem with your diesel arise, a swift reaction is always your best bet in repairing the damage. RPM’s responsive Fort Lauderdale diesel repair team will be able to quickly diagnose the problem should it not be immediately evident. We then have the expertise, parts stock, and facilities to perform any necessary repair while leaving any functioning systems unharmed. If the damage is particularly extensive, we may recommend an engine overhaul. This is an extensive disassembling, cleaning, and rebuilding of your engine. The aim is to save you money and preserve your diesel’s OEM parts. This will only be suggested when necessary but will come with many benefits such as increased fuel efficiency and engine performance. 


Diesel Generator Repair & Maintenance

A diesel generator, in truth, is practically identical to a diesel engine. The change in name is merely due to their different functions. While an engine’s main goal is propulsion, a generator serves to power the electrical components of your vessel. This results in generators generally being of a smaller capacity than the engine, though this is not always true. Because of the physical similarities of the two machines, their repair and maintenance are also quite identical. To ensure that your boat is running favorably all-around, RPM also offers these generator services.   


Additional RPM Services and Products

In addition to those mentioned above, RPM also provides a host of complementary diesel services. Our most popular is turbocharger service which increases fuel efficiency and improves towing and torque while doubling the horsepower of your engine. We are also an authorized parts dealer for many major diesel brands with parts always in stock and ready for delivery or pickup. 


RPM has taken every step to ensure our quality of service always meets or exceeds expectations. Our facility includes an injector testing lab and clean room and our team brings years of experience to the table. Schedule maintenance or repair for your diesel engine or generator today and rest easy, RPM will take care of the rest.

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Fort Lauderdale Diesel Repair

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