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Holset Turbo

Holset Turbo

Let RPM Diesel Engine Co. assist you with original Holset Turbo brand turbochargers. Holset Turbo chargers are used in many commercial vehicles that have large diesel engine sizes (5.9 and 6.7 liter). Holset Turbo ‘s were explicitly developed and designed to work with Cummins diesel engines. Boosting your performance with a Holset Turbo is a great way to achieve maximum horsepower and performance. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Holset Turbochargers come in a variety of series and we carry parts for all of them.

RPM Diesel Engine Company has extensive resources that can assist you with your diesel engine. Fuel Injection Services for diesel engines and our Turbocharger service are excellent ways to get the most out of your diesel engine without doing a full diesel engine overhaul.
The Holset HX35 & Holset HX40, Holset Pro 52, Holset Super 40, Holset HX60, H1, HX. If you need help identifying your holset turbo part numbers give us a call so we can assist. Finding the right turbocharger is crucial for matching performance demands with your diesel engine. We can assist you with any type of diesel engine repair from overhauls to routine maintenance.

A variety of turbine housing materials are available that permit a wider range of operating temperatures for the Holset Turbo. Holset Turbo compressors and turbine wheels are designed to permit optimum airflow, efficiency and pressure ratio giving a much better overall performance. Holset Turbo (s) come equipped with an adjustable compressor and turbine housing which is able to be oriented to meet your demands. Holset turbo comes standard with fully floated twin hydrodynamic journal bearings. The most efficient compressor that has a wide operation range. Holset turbo also has an extremely high pressure ratio threshold. A superback compressor wheel for an extended lifetime and that is durable at the highest turbo speeds. Symmetrical twin flow turbine housings delivering equal power. A wide array of compressor and turbine housing flanges available for flexibility.

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Call RPM Diesel Engine Co. if you have any questions about a Holset Turbo. 800-660-6304

Holset Turbo

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