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Marine Diesel Generator

Diesel Engine Repair in Ft Lauderdale

marine diesel generator in your vessel may seem like a difficult task but when you contact RPM you get the best service in the southeast united states and possibly the country.   We have found the Marine diesel generator to have many different uses over the years and mankind has been in so many different industries and places, finding a place to insert a marine diesel generator inside of your vessel might be the hardest part about installing a  marine diesel generator on your boat. We can service your marine diesel generator and guide you in the right choices you need to make for your marine diesel generator problem. Finding the right parts for your particular marine diesel generator is a one step process here at RPM Diesel we can give you the right parts and we offer dockside service so we can come to you in south florida and help you get back on the water. We have been in business in south Florida for several decades and we have the reputation, the skills, the know how, the trained service professionals to get your job done right the first time; We take pride in our work and we can service many repairs that others cannot with the ability to tell you exactly what you need the first time. has your marine diesel generator parts ready for you to order online today Detroit diesel parts we also carry Northern lights parts, Kohler and MTU parts filters for air and oil also impellor kits and all kinds of specialty parts.

We also perform Diesel engine overhauls we also perform a variety of maintenance for diesel engine functions as well we service fuel injectors, we also have a turbocharger service for your engine we can take an engine with very minimal horsepower and turbocharger and a very efficient way to increase horsepower and provide higher fuel efficiency and engine performance. and a large variety of services to help every aspect of your engine. Come on in to RPM diesel today and get the best service and expert consultation anywhere in South Florida. RPM diesel marine diesel generator parts can only keep you up and running on the high seas but can also prevent you from being in a situation where you don’t want to be in without working parts. We have the parts you’re looking for everything from adapter kits, actuators belts, alternators, air filter cartridges, voltage regulators, 24 volt stop solenoid, and a variety of parts that are from our New Old Stock or NOS whether your looking for dampers, connectors, clamps, coil ignitions, clamp assemblies or circuit breakers we have everything you need here at

If we don’t have a particular part in stock we can order it for you and make sure that it’s here and ready for you to come pick up. located in sunny Ft. Lauderdale F.L. at  2555 W State Road 84, 33312 or give us a call at 1-800-660-6304  




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