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MTU Marine Engines

RPM Diesel Engine Co. has established itself as the go to marine diesel engine specialist. We have individual departments dedicated to sales, repair, maintenance and diesel parts for diesel engines and diesel generators. We are factory authorized dealers of MTU Marine Engines and MTU Diesel Generators. Established in 1956, <ahref=”../../index.cfm”>RPM Diesel Engine Co. has long-standing roots in the marine industry in the South Florida area. We can service your MTU Marine Engines and MTU Diesel Generator onsite or remotely.

Having trouble finding a certified MTU Marine Engine Mechanic or MTU Diesel Generator specialist? We can come to you no matter where you are in the world. Our diesel engine mechanics undergo rigorous training from the actual manufacturers. Being certified for MTU Marine Engines and MTU Diesel Generators allows us to have instant access to factory reps for common and obsolete parts. We can have them shipped anywhere in the world and be ready to repair and get your boat or vessel back in running condition.

MTU Marine Engines must undergo proper diesel engine maintenance in order to operate under optimum conditions. Of the course of time, you might find your MTU Marine Engines running abnormally. If this is the case then you might want to consider a marine diesel engine overhaul. One of the easiest diesel engine maintenance techniques that will allow you to get the most out of your engine is to have a fuel injection service. Common Rail Fuel Injection Service will restore and bring your fuel system back to day one out of the box from factory conditions.

Several key components make up your diesel fuel system: diesel fuel tank, diesel fuel lines, diesel fuel pump, diesel fuel injectors and diesel fuel filter. If anyone of these components breaks or loses some functionality then your diesel engine will not operate anywhere near full performance conditions. Use only factory certified diesel mechanics if your MTU Marine Engines or MTU Diesel Generators have any issues related to their fuel system consumption or performance.

Your MTU Marine Engines can be outfitted with a diesel turbocharger that will create many beneficial improvements to your overall diesel engine health. Increasing your horsepower substantially is generally the most recognized benefit. Through modern diesel engine technological improvements increased horsepower is done in parallel while increasing your fuel efficiency plus lowering your diesel engine emissions. Rapidhole shot acceleration thru improved torque by adding a diesel turbocharger.

Reach out to RPM Diesel Engine Co. if you have any questions about MTU Marine Engines and MTU Diesel Generators. Read related news and articles here.


MTU Marine Engines

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