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Diesel Engine Services at RPM

Diesel Engine Overhauls

RPM Diesel Engine Co is the #1 provider of Diesel Engine Services in all of south Florida. In fact, we are one of only two BOSCH certified dealers in all of Broward and Dade county. What this means is we have received and passed strict training qualifications, and we possess the needed tools to be authorized to work on equipment directly from the manufacturer. We provide a Number of Different services regarding your Marine Diesel Engine that pertains to repairs, upgrades, and general routine or preventative maintenance. RPM has been in the Diesel Business for a long time, and are the oldest fuel injection shop in Florida dating all the way back to 1956. Read on to learn more about how RPM diesel can provide top tier service to your Diesel Engine.

All engines are complex, dynamic, systems of contained explosions that inherently are self-destructive, and cause damage to themselves over time. Cooling systems, oil systems, and all sorts of other components exist in any Marine vessel or any vehicle that uses an engine to mitigate how much damage that engine can cause to itself over time. However, the greatest form of damage mitigation is actually regular maintenance. The engine, and the mitigation systems around the engine, will need regular repair in order to maintain normal operation, and not reach critical failure. Marine Diesel engines are particularly complex and require the best, most well-trained technicians and tools to be effectively maintained. We provide Diesel Engine Services for maintenance from every aspect of the engine from cooling, to oil, turbocharges, and even Fuel Rails and Injectors. Don’t trust, just anyone- trust the professionals at RPM Diesel.

As mentioned above, engines are entropic self-damaging systems. Even with best-in-class maintenance and design, the longest-lasting engine will still near the end of its life cycle at some point. At this time you can either replace the engine, the vessel itself, or choose to do an overhaul. With an overhaul RPM diesel will rebuild and repair an engine near the end of its prime, effectively refurbishing it anew for many more years to come. This process often includes:

  • Governor rebuild
  • Pressure testing of the Water Jacket
  • Cylinder head valve, seat grinding, and rebuild
  • Valve cam grinding

Diesel Engine Services at RPM:

With such an important investment like a marine vessel, don’t trust the continued operation of its engine to chance or cheap auto mechanics. Trust the Diesel Engine Services at RPM Diesel. For more information give us a Call Today: 1-800-660-6304

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