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Diesel Repairs and Services at RPM

Diesel Engine Overhauls

Diesel Repairs and Services at RPM

RPM Diesel knows that Diesel Repairs and services are a part of life when one owns a boat or other diesel-powered marine Vessel. RPM Diesel also knows how important it is to have a reliable, regular diesel mechanic you can count on-0 and that’s us!

Your Diesel Powered machines are eventually going to need Diesel repairs and services, breaking down is a part of the life of any machine. This is because there are a large number of different complex technologies that work together in making the various components of diesel-powered marine vessel operators and perform efficiently. There are generators to power your onboard electrical systems, Engines to run the boat itself, drive systems to apply the engine’s power to move the boat, and the repairs and maintenance to all of these systems and components. Read on to learn about how Diesel Engines and Generators, and what services we offer to keep your ship-shape.


While aboard your vessel you’ve likely become accustomed to the electronic systems functioning as intended. This may include necessities like GPS, or other electrical systems pertaining to the actual operation of the boat. It may also, however, pertain to amenities or luxuries like music, air conditioning, onboard computers, food storage, and cooking, or general entertainment. These components are almost always powered or backed up by an onboard Marine Diesel generator. Generators are much like engines in that they convert diesel or gasoline fuel into usable energy – in this case, electrical energy. Like engines, they also by their design suffer natural to wear and must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure proper operation. If the Generator were to fail unexpectedly- this could result in numerous electrical issues up to and including stalling out.


Engines are of course the powerplant for locomotion on any vehicle, including a diesel-powered boat or marine vessel. Of all the components on your boat, the engine is the number one part you should regularly have Marine Diesel Services performed on. This is because engines and their components, by their very nature, wear down over time. This wear results in many issues that can cause problems that range from poor fuel efficiency or lower power, all the way to total and complete failure. In order to prevent any of these problems from occurring- regular inspections and maintenance need to be performed, the last thing you want to occur is for your Boat to break down at sea, and pay for a costly tow to port.

Be Proactive:

We want to help you achieve the most efficient Diesel Engine Performance you can from your marine vessel. For more info on our services, give RPM diesel a call today!

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