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Diesel Service Options

Florida Marine Diesel Repair

Diesel Service Options

RPM Diesel, South Florida’s premier licensed Marine Diesel Shop offers many varied Diesel Service Options. We are one of few top-rated, fully licensed, and major brand-supported Marine Mechanical services providers in the South Florida Area. For over sixty years, we have been on top of the Marine diesel industry, by always carrying, supporting, and employing techs trained in the most up to date technologies, engineering and information available. Our major brand support is unparalleled. Read on to learn about the Marine MEchaanical services offered at RPM diesel.

Marine Mechanical Services will help reduce the risk that your boat breaks down while out at sea- resulting in expensive repairs and tows back to port. These figures often come out to far more than the preventative action that could be done by having your vessel inspected and maintained regularly.

Contact RPM Diesel today at: 1-800-660-6304. Let us restore your boat to full operating power!

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