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Repair Your Diesel Engine

Repairing a Generator

Repair Your Diesel Engine

RPM Diesel Engine CO INC wants you to know we’re here for you if you need to repair your diesel engine. If your boat is broken down, it may be time to repair your Deisel Genuine. If this describes your situation, then look no further than the highly trained professionals at RPM Diesel. Our Diesel engine maintenance and repair services are bar-none the best in the southeastern USA. We’re confident that when you trust us with your repairs you will know you made the best choice in working with us at RPM Diesel.

Imagine the following scenario: You are sailing the ocean, with a precious cargo of goods, just for fun, or even transporting a group of people. Out of seemingly nowhere you hear a sound like scraping metal, smell or see smoke and the boat comes to a screeching stop. Nobody wants to be in the aforementioned situation. but if this happens potentially your precious cargo or the safety of you and your passengers are now in jeopardy. You’d have to drop cash on a marine-tow to get all the way back to port, and not necessarily the port you need to be at. We never want this situation to happen to you, or anyone- and that’s why we pride ourselves in knowing that if you bring your diesel Equipment to RPM Diesel, you can set sail with the peace of mind you and your crew deserve.

We carry and maintain a large variety of Marine diesel Equipment, from some of the best-known brands in the world. This includes Westerbeke, Northern Lights, Bosch diesel, Delphi, and more. Here are just some of the other diesel related servixces we offer as well:

-Diesel Engine Repair
-Marine Generator Repair
-Diesel Engine Maintenance
-Diesel Engine Overhauls
-Turbocharger services
-New Generator and Marine Diesel Engine Sales

RPM Diesel Engine CO wants to be your #1 Go to for all your diesel needs. Give us a call today, or stop in and meet our incredible, friendly staff to get a firsthand look as to why we are the best of the best!

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