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Performance Boost For Marine Vessel

Performance boost

Performance Boost For Marine Vessel

RPM Diesel is well known for our skill in repairing and maintining Diesel Powered marine Vessels. We can also help your boat get a performance boost! Performance in marine vessels is measured by the balance of power and efficiency one desires to obtain with their boat. that means performance can be a subjective term, better gas mileage, more power, or a little of both, all have different values to different people with different sets of circumstances.

That means for many that a performance boost means putting down more power and thus producing more speed, gas mileage to the wind! For others, a performance boost might mean the same speeds, but far better fuel efficiency and general operations. This would mean that low or bad performance could equate to poor fuel mileage and power that is actually lower than expected. Many of us, however, want both! RPM Diesel knows a lot about how diesel engines and generators, and how to keep them up to spec. After all, we’ve been in the business since 1956!

A great way to enhance the efficiency of your vessel, as well as the stability and longevity of your boat, is to take it in for engine performance services in 2021. This means both ensuring the proper operation of your boat, and/or enhancing its power! If Maintenance is performed on a regular schedule, this can help to reduce failures or postpone them, but eventually, some parts will just have to be swapped out.  Sometimes, these part failures can stack up to where the engine simply isn’t doing what it was when you first put your vessel out to sea.  At this point, your best option out of our Engine Performance Services in 2021, is to get an overhaul. Overhauling your engine means we take the whole motor apart, and check each piece. We then install high-quality performance replacement parts and ensure the engine is running beyond its factory expectations. Results are better performing, longer-lasting engine with better fuel mileage as well.

For adding gruff and umph, there is one method that’s sure to push your boat to its limit! Of all our Engine Performance Services, adding or upgrading your turbocharger will net you the rawest power. not only that, a turbo can result in potentially better fuel mileage too. A Turbocharger is a device mounted to an engine’s air intake system, that using a process called ‘forced induction’ provides larger than normal quantities of compressed high-pressure air to the engine. this allows sitting to burn better, and provide way more power, sometimes up to double the horsepower of stock.

We want to help you achieve the most efficient Diesel Engine Performance you can from your marine vessel. For more info on our services, give RPM diesel a call today!

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