Diesel Fuel Injection Services

Diesel Fuel Injection Service

The bloodstream of your vessel is the fuel system. If this vital system is not performing optimally, you could be putting your vessel’s overall health at risk.

Why have your fuel system regularly serviced?

  • Improved fuel efficiency!
  • Increased engine performance!
  • Fewer avoidable & costly repairs!

The fuel system is compromised of several major components: the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel injectors, and fuel filter

Should any of these components fail, you’ll be in serious trouble.
Getting your engine the proper amount of fuel at the appropriate time is vital to the performance of your diesel engine. The most common issue that prevents this from happening properly is a malfunctioning fuel injector. Having your injectors serviced on a regular basis is crucial, especially if the equipment sits unused for prolonged periods of time, and particularly if it does so without a full tank of fuel. The servicing of injectors is a fairly straightforward task, but one that requires a keen eye, patience, knowledge of the required nozzle pressures, and knowledge of the injector manufacturer’s recommendation for spray pattern.

Most of the time you can check the operation and performance of the injector by pop testing it. This will expose many failures, such as clogged holes or if the nozzle is dripping.

If you have a poorly performing injector, then having a rebuild done is the way to go. When a professional troubleshoots your fuel injection system, they will perform several tests to determine exactly what is causing the issue. They will examine the nozzles, guides, and seats to ensure proper alignment and functionality, replacing worn or broken parts when needed.

The technician will also check for the seating of the fuel injector nozzle and injector body. While checking the fitment of the nozzle and body, the technician will also inspect the nozzle spring for breakage, defects, and overall functionality. After any major rebuild, the technician will then set the injector to the correct opening pressures and go through a series of tests and make appropriate adjustments, getting your fuel injector back to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

Having your fuel system serviced regularly is a vital to keeping your diesel engine in the best shape possible. You should have your fuel system serviced by fuel injection specialists, prolonging the life of the system and extending the time between major overhauls and repairs of your engine.