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Marine Diesel Generator Services by RPM

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Marine Diesel Generator Services by RPM

There is no vessel that takes to sea regularly that will be able to get away without ever having Marine Diesel Generator Services performed such as repairs and maintenance. RPM Diesel Engine Co has been in the Diesel Maintenence, Upgrades, and Repairs industry for over 50 years- since 1956 to be exact. This means for over half a century we’ve built a reputation as solid as the engines and generators we service, repair, and rebuild!

There are no two ways about it,  engine repairs, as well as Marine Diesel Generator Services, are going to be a necessity if you own a boat. By the very nature of combustion equipment such as engines and generators, they are self-damaging machines. This is to imply that engines and generators suffer regular wear and tear by their own use. There are systems in place on these types of equipment, engines in particular, that are intended to redirect this wear to less complex, less costly components or mitigate the wear entirely. These systems include heating mitigation, oil, and cooling components. Despite these systems, your engines and generators are going to break down and need parts replaced or repaired.

Generators are built to supply electricity to devices in circumstances that don’t present normal, wall outlet based access to electrical power. On a boat, this can range from luxury amenities such as refrigerators, music, television, and movie entertainment, to air conditioning or navigation systems like GPS and onboard communications. If the generator stops working, these important components won’t have a way to receive power and operate.

The best way to make sure your generator never breaks down at a critical moment is to have regular Marine Diesel Generator Services performed on a schedule. Even with maintenance repairs will need to be done. In fact, the primary purpose of maintenance besides mitigating or preventing problems is discovering them before they happen at sea. Catching issues or potential problems early on, and fixing them beforehand is the best way to ensure your generator remains in top shape and never causes an issue at the worst time. To learn more about how you can get our engine, and generator on a regular maintenance schedule, or improve your boats performance with an overhaul, call RPM Diesel today!

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