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Diesel Injection Service

Diesel Injection Service

Fuel systems are made up of several components. Fuel tanks, fuel lines, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and fuel filters make up every complete fuel system. If any of these major components fails, the whole system could be compromised. That is why it is so important to make sure your diesel engine is getting the right amount of fuel at the right time. And the most common reason preventing this from happening is when a fuel injector begins to malfunction. Diesel engine owners that understand that know just how crucial it is to have fuel injectors regularly serviced. That is why we provide a diesel injection service using top of the line equipment. Visit our website for more information about our diesel injection service or our other diesel engine services by following the link provided here: RPM Diesel Engine Co., Inc.

Diesel Injection Service | What We Do

Though a diesel injection service is fairly straightforward, it still takes a keen eye, great patience, and a thorough understanding to perform it correctly. Our technicians are passionate about diesel engines and experts at various diesel engine services. We use our knowledge of required nozzle pressures and our professional training to follow the injector manufacturer’s recommendations anytime we perform a diesel injection service.  

  • Pop Testing – This often exposes various failures like clogged holes or dripping nozzles.
  • Examining the nozzles, guides, and seats for alignment and functionality.
  • Replacing broken and worn out parts.
  • Major rebuilds according to the manufacturer’s specifications for extremely poor performing injectors.

These examples are all part of our diesel injection service and are performed by any of our professionally trained technicians.

Watch a video our diesel injection service below:

Diesel Injection Service | Maintenance Service Benefits

Having your diesel engine on a regular maintenance schedule is of extreme importance. This is especially true for any diesel engine that has been sitting unused for an extended period of time. Moreso if that diesel engine does not have a completely full tank of gas. Fortunately, there are various benefits to receiving a regular maintenance service for your engine.

  1. You can improve the engine’s fuel efficiency.
  2. You can increase the engine’s overall performance
  3. You can detect minor issues before they become major problems.
  4. You can avoid having to pay for more costly repairs.

Diesel Injection Service | About Us

RPM Diesel is a complete source for diesel engine services and parts. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and service the entire South Florida area. Our company is a factory authorized dealer and service provider for many major diesel engine manufacturers including Detroit Diesel, MTU, Bosch, Northern Lights, and more. CONTACT US anytime if you have any questions or are ready to set up an appointment for any of our services.

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Diesel Injection Service

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