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Boat Generator and Engine Services

Boat Generator and Engine

Boat Generator and Engine Services

Your Diesel Powered Boat Generator and Engine will both need repair and maintenance service, contact RPM diesel when that time comes!

RPM Diesel is a top-quality Marine Diesel Generator and Engine Service, replacement, and repair shop for all your oceanic diesel needs. When it comes to repairing and maintaining mechanical equipment, you likely already know its a better idea to trust, trained licensed professionals. We’ve all heard horror stories of our friend or neighbor bring their car to a ‘backyard’ mechanic only to have the problem they originally were diagnosing become worse- or spend far too much money swapping out parts before finally getting to the real issue. This concept applies double to Marine Diesel Equipment. Cars are fairly complex machines in their own right and for major issues, it’s likely you’d bring your vehicle to a proper mechanic, but a lot of the maintenance on cars can be performed at home.  With boats or other oceanic diesel equipment, this simply isn’t the case. The investment cost alone in these vessels makes it so there is roo much risk involved in going through unlicenced repair options. This applies to the internals of the engine itself, and any generators you may have on board.

Marine Diesel Engines will often need varying levels of attention, maintenance, and repair on them throughout their life. Unlike a highway breakdown in your car, which although inconvenient is a manageable situation in most cases, breakdowns at sea can be extremely costly and difficult to deal with. As the owner or operator of the vessel, the safety and wellbeing of the crew onboard are also your responsibility. Depending on the location, a breakdown at sea will require a costly tow back to the nearest port, and then figuring out the logistics of getting the crew home. It can and usually takes hours for the nearest tow vessel to reach you, and in that time your boat and crew are subject to the harshness of the waters they are afloat in. Imagine a breakdown in bad weather.

Additionally, many of the electrical components on your boat are operated by a marine diesel generator. These generators are specially designed to handle the harsh conditions brought about by spending hours at sea and being exposed to those levels of moisture and salt. Unlike typical home backup generators, they require regular maintenance and repair by the same knowledgeable diesel technicians who would perform this work on the Vessel’s engine and components. Don’t leave the operation of your boat, and thusly the safety of its crew in the hands of fate. Talk to RPM diesel today about how you can get on a proper maintenance schedule, and how we can ensure the longevity of your investment. That number is: 800-660-6304

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