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Diesel Injector Refurbishment

Diesel Injector Refurbishment

Car, truck, and marine engines require their fuel system to work precisely. Diesel injector refurbishment can harmonize the fuel system of diesel engines.

A problematic diesel fuel injector is a common issue that can lead to a malfunctioning engine and expensive repair costs if the issue is left unresolved. The article below highlights the benefits of diesel injector refurbishment and how it can keep your diesel engine running for years to come.

Why Do Diesel Injectors Fail?

A fuel injector is used in a diesel engine to directly inject fuel into the outer cylinder in a fine mist. The most common reason the fuel injector fails and diesel injector refurbishment becomes necessary is because the mechanics of the injector structure has deteriorated and become damaged.

Below is a list of the most common mechanical failures an expert technician can help identify:

  • No fuel is being injected.
  • A return flow is present or there is a high internal leakage.
  • Abrasions, excessive wear and tear, or deposits are present that may require diesel injector refurbishment.
  • There is excessive fuel being injected.
  • The rate of fuel injection is incorrect.
  • These mechanical failures are best identified by a skilled expert who can properly diagnose what the issue is and how to best repair it.

Rebuilding The Diesel Injector

In the event your diesel engine requires diesel injector refurbishment, a specialist can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to get your engine running like new. The process of proper refurbishment requires a work area that is equipped with HEPA-filtered air, very specialized equipment, and total compliance as an Authorized Bosch Diesel Service Center.

Choosing skilled technicians for a diesel injector rebuild is a good investment for your diesel engine whether it is in a car, truck or marine vehicle. It also ensures that the correct mechanical issue is diagnosed early saving you thousands in repairs and possibly even the need to completely replace the engine.

How RPM Diesel Can Help You

RPM Diesel is an experienced provider of diesel engine services which includes diesel injector refurbishment. Our technicians are qualified to identify the different signs which can require a rebuild of the diesel injector or a repair.

The most complex aspect of a diesel engine is its injector. For this reason, it is important for a diesel service center to adhere to specific guidelines provided by the manufacturers to ensure proper diesel injector refurbishment or repair.

RPM Diesel employs a highly skilled team of technicians with a vast knowledge of the internal workings of the diesel injector found in diesel engines. Our technicians have an understanding of the training certifications needed, the specialized equipment necessary, and the industry experienced required to properly service diesel engine injectors.

Contact RPM Diesel here to learn more about having a diesel injector refurbishment or to speak to one of our industry specialists. Be sure to navigate our website to learn how RPM Diesel’s experience has made us one of two Certified Bosch Diesel Service Centers in the South Florida region.

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Diesel Injector Refurbishment

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