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How To Determine If You Need A Marine Diesel Engine Repair Service

Marine Diesel Engine Repair Service Fort Lauderdale

Every now and then you will need professional marine diesel engine repair service in order to ensure your marine vessel is operating at peak performance. This will also prevent your marine diesel engine from failing at sea and causing an emergency.

Your marine diesel engine is a complex machine made up of many crucial components that must all be operating in unison. It is helpful for every marine vessel owner to know how to troubleshoot common marine diesel engine issues when they arise so that they may be quickly addressed.

Marine diesel engine failure is almost always caused by an issue with one of the marine diesel engine’s internal processes. Although at times you can fix the issue yourself it is important to nevertheless have an expert marine diesel engine technician assist you.

The following article will highlight some of the most common issues that may arise in your marine diesel engine and how to properly address them. Be sure to contact the experts at RPM Diesel Engine Co if you require any further assistance.

Water Based Marine Diesel Engine Failures

Marine diesel engines are designed to use water as a means of cooling the engine so that it will not overheat or catch fire. The combination of hot salt water coupled with fuel expelled from the marine diesel engine creates an extremely corrosive mixture.

This may cause damage to the marine diesel engine by causing its internal temperature to drop too low. Signs that water is not properly cooling that may require marine diesel engine repair service are steam coming from the marine diesel engine or the overheat gauge is indicating an issue.

This issue can also cause the marine diesel engine to stop operating or run oddly but can be fixed by inspecting the pressure belt. If the pressure belt powering the water pump is defective then it needs to be replaced by a professional marine diesel engine technician.

Another cause of this could be a clog or blockage in the sea strainer. This can be addressed by shutting off the seacock and removing the sea strainer in order to rinse it thoroughly. If neither method seems to work then it is most likely a broken water pump. One important recommendation is to check coolant levels and the accuracy of the thermostat.

Oil Problems Causing Marine Diesel Engine Failures

Usually, there will be a warning light if there are any oil issues. However, oil problems can cause other issues to arise that may require a marine diesel engine repair service to resolve. One common sign that there may be an oil issue is gray or white smoke plumes from the engine.

This can also include odd mechanical noises originating from the marine diesel engine. It is important not to neglect these issues when they arise because they can cause damage to the marine diesel engine that could end up costing you more to repair.

Generally, oil problems are caused by low oil levels. This can be addressed by checking oil levels with a dipstick and ensuring the oil levels are optimum. Another cause of these issues could be a clogged oil filter that can be fixed by changing the oil filter and replacing any remaining oil.

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Marine Diesel Engine Repair Service

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