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Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul Service

Rebuild your Engine

It’s not unusual for an aging diesel engine to have problems with performance. Even with a flawless engine maintenance routine, deposits can build up and components will eventually wear out. Fortunately, a marine diesel engine overhaul service can amend these issues without needing to replace the engine entirely.

A marine diesel engine overhaul, when properly performed, improves various performance factors and is considerably less expensive than an engine replacement. Not only are diesel engine overhauls affordable but they can also add to the life expectancy for the diesel engine itself.

The article below will explore some of the common reasons to consider a marine diesel engine overhaul service. If you’re ready to schedule an engine overhaul in South Florida, get in touch with RPM Diesel today!

Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul

More and more people are opting to overhaul their engine instead of replacing it entirely. The reasons why are fairly simple, first of which is affordability. It’s also more convenient. For example, if the two engines don’t weigh the same then you will have to address any problems with the ship’s balance.

The process for doing a marine diesel engine overhaul entails disassembling the engine and inspecting the individual components. If one of them appears to be damaged, then it should be replaced. It’s important to replace them instead of attempting to restore and reuse the original ones to protect yourself from potential breakdowns down the line.

One of the most important factors in performing a marine diesel engine overhaul service is the technician’s ability to accurately determine which parts are okay for servicing and which need replacing. The piston, liners, and other supplemental components should be all be closely inspected and the technician should replace any parts to prevent them from breaking down in the future and wreaking havoc on the entire engine.

Benefits Of Engine Overhauls

As mentioned above, the biggest reason to consider a marine diesel engine overhaul service is simply that it is a much more practical and cost-effective solution than replacing it with a new engine entirely. However, overhauls also present other useful benefits and opportunities.

The benefits for a diesel engine overhaul include:

  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Improved Overall Performance
  • Cleaning & Inspecting All Engine Components
  • Reassembly With New Parts
  • Improving The Engine’s Lifespan
  • Less Future Maintenance & Repair Costs
  • More Affordable Than Replacement
  • Can Be Done More Than Once

Contact RPM Diesel if you are looking to schedule an overhaul service for your marine diesel engine. You can also call us at 800-660-6304 to speak with a diesel technician directly about addressing your needs.

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Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul Service

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