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Reasons For Rebuilding Fuel Injectors

Rebuilt Fuel Injectors

There are times when rebuilt fuel injectors might be the best option for improving diesel engine performance. Refurbished and rebuilt fuel injectors can eliminate common engine problems that lead to further failures and costly repairs.

An issue with fuel injection might arise from a few different causes, which can be found below along with the differences between refurbished and rebuilding fuel injectors. If you would like to learn more about using rebuilt fuel injectors or want to make an appointment for fuel injection services, contact the diesel specialists at RPM Diesel.

Common Fuel Injection Failures

Fuel injectors in diesel engines are a necessary component that injects fuel as a fine mist directly into an engine’s outer cylinder. If there is a fuel injection issue, more often than not it is caused by a problematic fuel injector due to deterioration and damage.

Fuel injection services for diesel engines can reveal any of the following issues:

  • No fuel injection is occurring
  • Too much fuel is being injected
  • Fuel injection rate is off
  • There is a return flow or high internal leakage is present
  • These are excessive deterioration, abrasions from erosion, wear and tear, and/or deposits causing problems

Refurbished vs. Rebuilt Fuel Injectors

Refurbished fuel injectors are a cheaper option for replacing problematic fuel injectors. Refurbished fuel injectors are removed from running engines and then cleaned internally and externally. They are then tested to ensure they meet the latest manufacturing or OEM specifications.

Unlike refurbished injectors, rebuilt fuel injectors are remanufactured completely. They are removed, completely disassembled, vigorously inspected for imperfections, and then rebuilt with entirely new components. Following this, rebuilt fuel injectors are then tested to meet the highest standards available to ensure they are capable of long-term durability.

In order to achieve the high standards required of rebuilt fuel injectors, a technician must have access to the necessary resources required for total compliance. For this reason, RPM Diesel is an Authorized Bosch Diesel Service Center with a workroom that has HEPA-filtered air.

Our highly skilled and certified diesel technicians have access to the specialized tools and equipment needed for rebuilding fuel injectors properly. This equipment gives them not only the ability to diagnose any flaws, but also analyze data to ensure your rebuilt fuel injectors perform like new from the moment they are put in place.

Contact RPM Diesel to request more information about our rebuilt fuel injectors and fuel injection services or call 1-800-660-6304 for immediate assistance.

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Rebuilt Fuel Injectors

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