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Diesel Turbocharger Services at RPM

Diesel Turbocharger Services

Diesel Turbocharger Services at RPM

A Diesel Turbocharger is an incredibly great way of producing quite a bit more power for your diesel engine. At RPM diesel we offer top tier diesel turbocharger services for your diesel engines and generators, including the installation and repair on these components. But what even is a diesel turbocharger? Well, all Turbos diesel or otherwise fall under a category of engine parts designed to provide additional power to a motor via a process called ‘Forced Induction”. Forced induction is accomplished by funneling larger amounts of highly pressurized air into the engine than would normally be the case via a standard, or naturally aspirated, air intake process. There are two commonly used Forced induction components- Turbochargers and Superchargers. A Turbo works by spinning rapidly powered by the engine system’s exhaust gasses. Turbos tend to be more efficient than their supercharger counterparts, which are not powered by exhaust gasses but are mechanically driven by belts in the vehicle.

At RPM Diesel we carry, install, and maintain deisel turbocharger systems from and for a variety of major worldwide known brands. This includes Borg Warner, Garrett, Cummins, Hoslet, IHI, KKK, Mitsubishi, and Schwitzer. If your engine system is already equipped with a turbo, we can offer upgrades from the stock Turbo. We can also give you a quote on what it would cost for parts and labor to install and tune your engine to work with a turbo. Because of the additional power involved, and components its good to know how and what to maintain and how often.

Turbos require a steady supply of clean, filtered oil as they spin at incredibly high RPMs. This causes them to generate substantial amounts of heat, to which a good well functioning cooling and oil system must be properly maintained. Additionally making sure there are solid air pathways with no leaks will keep the turbocharger from overworking itself to compensate for pressure loss. RPM diesel are experts on maintaining the Turbo system in your diesel engine. Here are some of the benefits of having diesel turbocharger services or installs performed:

  • Doubles the horsepower of your engine!
  • Better fuel efficiency and higher overall engine performance!
  • Lowers engine emissions!
  • Improves torque and towing power!
  • Requires minimal maintenance!

Turbos and Forced induction installations and maintenance are complex systems that should be approached by trained, licensed professionals. RPM diesel has had our hands in Diesel engine systems since 1956 and is the number one Diesel and diesel turbocharger services shop in south Florida. For more information on what we can do to boost the efficiency of your diesel engine with a  turbo, give us a call today at 800-660-6304.

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