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Diesel Shop Services with RPM

Services for marine generators

Diesel Shop Services with RPM

RPM Diesel has been doing business since 1956, and in that time we have built up our ability to perform many important and various diesel shop services. For over half a century we have earned our reputation by working on operating, maintaining, repairing, and rebuilding complex diesel equipment across generations of advancement and engineering. RPM Diesel isn’t shy of talking about our skills as offering Diesel Shop services. We are indeed the true professionals when it comes to maintaining your precious diesel vessels, and the components that these diesel machines power. Our diesel shop offers a number of different services that you can and should take advantage of if you own a marine diesel-powered vessel and live in the south Florida general area.

Engines by their nature are self-destructive pieces of hardware that must undergo routine maintenance to prevent permanent damages. A quality diesel shop like RPM diesel will help you with inspections to ensure the current state of your engine. We can also provide you with a routine maintenance schedule to ensure the longevity of your vessel’s mos important component- its engine. If your engine fails due to a critical component breakdown, rest assured we can rebuild, repair, or replace it for you. The last thing you want is for your engine to fail while on a journey at sea.

Onboard your marine vessel you likely have a marine diesel generator for the purpose of providing power to electrical components. like engines, diesel generators undergo self-damage and must be maintained and repaired. don’t let your generator fail at sea, make sure to take it to a trusted diesel shop for inspections and repairs to maintain it in ship shape.

Power Enhancement
If your engine has failed or is at the end of its life, it might be time to consider an overhaul. Overhauls can breathe new life into older hardware providing more power and better efficiency than before. We can also install and upgrade forced induction systems such as turbochargers, to provide highly pressurized air to the engine for extreme power gains and fuel efficiency.

RPM Diesel has more knowledge and experience than any other diesel shop in the area. We are ready and willing to do what it takes to keep your boat at sea, under the most acceptable conditions. Call us today, or come in for more info on what we can do for you!

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