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Fuel Injector- Long Life, Happy Engine


For those of us who greatly value the power and strength, and admittedly just the idea of a rugged and authoritative engine to power your vehicle is enough to make your day a little bit better.  We all know there are plenty of different components and parts that together, make this beast of power all you need it to be, to get you from point A to point B with strength and even style.  One of the things that make this happen that we will address in today’s article is known as the fuel injector.  What exactly is a fuel injector you may ask?  A fuel injector is, overall, exactly what the name sounds like.  It takes the fuel flowing from your tenacious machine, and pushes it through to the internal combustion engines, taking that liquid ammunition within the engine’s’ combustion chamber to just the right part of the piston cycle.  This is much different from a regular engine’s carburetor, where the air fuel is simply collected when the piston pumps in a cascading motion.

The design of the fuel injector may be reminiscent of something you’ve often seen previously in your childhood, typically that of which unpleasant memories are associated with- and that object is a syringe.  Think of the fuel injector as a common syringe as well- the fuel injector holds the fuel within it as a doctor’s syringe would hold the antidote to your ailment.  The fuel within the fuel injector is the antidote to keep your engine from failing, and keep it high functioning and well!  Like a nice shot of caffeine for us, the fuel injector provides an excellent shot of energy to your engine.

Just as the engine as whole needs to be properly protected and cared for, the fuel injector must also be properly taken care of too.  You don’t use dirt to clean your own car, you do not use paint that has been watered down to paint your house, and you don’t typically eat a sandwich with nothing in it (as that would just be bread…).  That being said, you shouldn’t use low-grade fuel for your diesel engine- it’s one of you more important possessions, and you spend a lot of time with it traveling around.  A fuel injector should be given a high grade, and most importantly, clean fuel to keep it’s lifespan long, just as you would give man’s best friend the highest grade food on the market to keep them by your side.  There’s no harm in admitting you care about the engine of yours- treat it like you care by keeping your fuel injector clean and continuously going with a great fuel source, as it too is affected by the elements.

This isn’t just a simple scare tactic to get you to purchase better fuel- don’t worry, we aren’t affiliated with a fuel company!  It is, on the absolute closest level, one of the more important things to keeping that fuel injector going for a solid lifetime.  Regrettably, this is one of the things in life that may require a little extra cash to be put down on it, so as to not regret feeding your fuel injector old or dirty food in the possibly near future.  You get back what you put in a fuel injector- don’t make the mistake!

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