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Generator Repair Service

Generator Repair Service

Diesel generators are basically smaller versions of a marine craft’s main diesel engine system. The purpose of a marine diesel generator system is to provide power to a vessel’s onboard electronic and comfort systems. As such, when the diesel genset malfunctions any plans to enjoy your boat will be quickly thwarted. This is why getting regular generator repair service and maintenance is so important. RPM Diesel Engine Co. provides a generator repair service and performs general maintenance on all major diesel gensets. We have been involved in the marine diesel engine and generator industry for over sixty years. Our central location permits us to provide our professional repair and maintenance services for the South Florida area and entire Caribbean region. To find out more about our general maintenance and repair services or to view our catalog of diesel engine and generator parts visit our website at the link provided here: RPM Diesel Engine Co., Inc.

Much like a marine diesel engine, a marine diesel generator is a complex machine. Many working parts keep it working together to power the onboard systems of your craft. Performing general maintenance and generator repair service on your genset keeps it in working condition for longer. It also prevents costly repairs that might become necessary if you neglect to find an adequate generator repair service provider. With regular maintenance and competent generator repair service, your genset can operate as efficiently as it did when you first purchased it. The benefits of a generator repair service include decreased emissions, lowering unpleasant and unnatural noises, and elimination of annoying vibrations.

RPM Diesel is a well-respected marine diesel generator repair service provider. We have operated in South Florida since 1956 and provide our generator repair service for our local communities and the neighboring Caribbean area. We are located in Fort Lauderdale near a large number of marinas and have a fleet of fully equipped trucks to provide a dockside repair and maintenance service. The services we provide include fuel injection, turbocharger, engine overhauls, and common rail.

In addition to our generator repair and maintenance services, RPM Diesel is a provider of diesel engine parts. We are factory authorized to work on and distribute parts from all of the major brands well-known to the marine industry. These brands include Northern Lights, MTU, Detroit Diesel, Westerbeke, Bosch, and Kohler. CONTACT US if you have any additional questions or to find out if we have a specific part currently in stock.

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Generator Repair Service

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