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Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors


RPM Diesel Engine Company is your go to choice for Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors. We have a complete line of remanufactured Isuzu 6HK1 Diesel Common Rail Injectors & Isuzu 4HK1 Diesel Common Rail Injectors.

Compatible with Isuzu 4HK1 HPCR Diesel Engines

2901231000, 8973297035, 97780100, 095000-5471
2901233300, 8976097915, 97780455, 97609791, 095000-6395
8981106074, 98110607, 095000-0323, 095000-6074
8982816111, 98281611, 095000-2130, 095000-6110

Compatible with Isuzu 6HK1 HPCR Diesel Engines

8943922614, 8943921602, 94392261, 095000-0145, 095000-0190
8976012592, 97601259, 095000-0452
8976024362, 97602436, 095000-0452, 095000-0104
2901233000, 8976028032, 97780452, 97602803, 095000-5360
2901233100, 8976011562, 97780453, 97601156, 095000-5351
2901233200, 8976097904, 97780454, 97609790, 095000-6384
2901233300, 8976097915, 97780455, 97609791, 095000-6395

Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors for Common Rail are uniquely different for each make and model. This is because Isuzu essentially modifies their truck injector designs as opposed to using a cookie cutter approach of using the same ones for their passenger vehicles. With pressures exceeding 1800 Bar (25,000PSI) and multiple injection strokes per combustions event the wear and tear will takes its toll over time. Eventually there will come a time when you have to replace your Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors for your 4HK1 and 6HK1 Isuzu Engines. Don’t buy some unreliable aftermarket junk from an untrustworthy source. Buy from RPM Diesel Engine Company and be assured that you will be protected for 13 months, unlimited mileage and hours.

RPM Diesel Engine Company has been serving the South Florida area since 1956. Our extensive experience with Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors for the Isuzu 4HK1 engine and Isuzu 6HK1 engine will help get your common rail back to like new factory conditions. Our remanufactured Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors have been engineered to eliminate weak and vulnerable points allowing the common rail to perform under optimal conditions.

Remanufactured Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors that are designed to withstand the rigorous of every day wear and tear

  • Tolerant for all grades of diesel fuel
  • Designed for longer lasting lifetime
  • Operate smoother and quieter.
  • Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injector that is engineered to work with many different common rails for Isuzu Engines
  • 13 Month Warranty Unlimited Mileage & Warranty
  • Premium service from a South Florida Diesel Specialist operating since 1956


RPM Diesel Engine Company also offers Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injector Installation Kits. These handy kits have all of the pertinent seals and hardware to reinstall one Isuzu Diesel Fuel injector. These diesel engine components are meant for a one time only use and always have to be replaced anytime a new or remanufactured common rail injector is installed.

Call RPM Diesel Engine Company anytime you have questions about Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors.

Isuzu Diesel Fuel Injectors

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