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Bosch Common Rail Rebuilders

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RPM Diesel Engine Co., Inc takes great pride in being a preeminent Authorized Bosch Common Rail Rebuild & Fuel Injector Facilities in Florida. We an authorized bosch repair shop. What does it mean for a Bosch Diesel Factory Repair Shop to be Authorized? If you are looking for the most trustworthy Bosch Common Rail Rebuilders in Florida look no further than RPM Diesel!

It basically means that we follow strict specifications for tools, training, parts, and test equipment. We also receive training directly from manufacturers of fuel injection components. This is why RPM is one of the most trusted Bosch Common Rail Service providers in the south.

This basically means that all Bosch diesel equipment built or designed by RPM Diesel Engine Co. was assembled according to exacting specifications and standards.

This allows us to sell genuine Bosch products that are as good or better than the ones that come directly from the manufacturer. Non-authorized third-party shops do not comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines and lack the equipment and training required to rebuild Bosch common rail injectors. When it comes to Bosch Common Rail Injector maintenance, don’t cut corners.

Our Bosch-certified cleanroom is where all Bosch Common Rail Fuel Injectors are assembled or repaired. Bosch Certified Clean Rooms must have HEPA-filtered air that allows the environment to maintain the tightest possible working conditions for the diesel fuel injectors.

Bosch’s software controls the entire process of building fuel injectors. It is laid out from start to finish and then checked every step of the way. Bosch software will calculate the correct shims using exact measurements taken from each Bosch injector. These measurements are then compared to the factory specifications. To ensure the highest accuracy, each piece of our measurement tooling has to be adhered to. Common rail injectors can be assembled with a variety of shims. There are over 500 sizes available. Bosch Factory Authorized Repair Shops like RPM Diesel Engine Co. can only provide precision shims to Bosch common rails.

All Bosch common rail repairs and assemblies are fully tested on our Bosch factory test bench. RPM Diesel Engine Co. owns a Bosch EPS 815 factory test bench. It is equipped with the CRI/CRIN ST package. This allows us to test all common rail injectors for passenger cars (CRI), commercial vehicles (CRIN), and CRIN I, II, and III injectors. We also have access to CRIN I, II, and III injectors as well as CRIN I, IV, and IV injectors. Bosch’s test bench is built using manufacturer specifications that are directly derived from the common rail equipment used in all Bosch factories. This guarantees that the diesel injector will work exactly as specified by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and emit only the strictest levels.

Each diesel fuel injector used in the Bosch common rail is subject to a thorough inspection for repeatability and consistency. The Bosch EPS815 testing bench by RPM Diesel Engine Co. is fully capable of “Shot to Shot” meters. This allows for measurements of up to 1/10th of a cubic millimeter between firing events. Shot-to-Shot testing can be vital to ensure that diesel fuel injectors are functioning according to specifications.

Bosch Common Rail Rebuilders

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