Diesel Engine Check Up and Overhaul

Marine Diesel Engine Overhauls

Whether you have been circumnavigating the globe or simply cruising up and down the intercoastal, your diesel engine may need an overhaul!

Why overhaul your current diesel engine?

  • Improved fuel efficiency!
  • Increased engine performance!
  • Cheaper than a full replacement!

As your diesel engine begins to age and the hours of use are beginning to take a toll, there are practical and financial decisions to be made.

Fortunately you have serveral options. At the end of your engine’s life, you can decide to simply replace the engine entirely with a new or rebuilt unit.

One of the most economical ways to deal with and aging diesel engine is perform an overhaul. This is better than replacing the engine with a new one, as you are keeping the original equipment or OEM of the vessel. This can be important as there will be no need to re-ballast the vessel to accommodate a differently weighted engine. You will also not need to change any of the motor mounts or adjust the propeller for the speed of a new engine and transmission. A properly maintained engine should be able to receive several major overhauls in its lifetime, giving you years and years of enjoyment out of your vessel.

  • Governor rebuild
  • Pressure testing of the Water Jacket
  • Cylinder head valve, seat grinding, and rebuild
  • Valve cam grinding

During the rebuild process, your engine is completely disassembled and cleaned. This is done so that all of the components can be properly assessed for wear and tear. Determining which existing parts are in servicable shape is crucial to saving you money during your engine’s overhaul. Though initially less expensive, reusing old components can end up costing you more in the long run, as these reused parts can wear out faster than new ones, causing you to have to tear the engine apart to remove components that could have been replaced with new ones originally. If you are doing a rebuild, you might as well do it the right way first or risk breaking down at an inopportune moment. Make sure the diesel technician will remove and inspect all the pistons and liners, as well as all the other ancillary components of the Ebing. This is the only way to truly know if a component is usable again or if it should be replaced.

Having your engine overhauled can be an intense process, but it will also be like giving your vessel a new life. You will be able to enjoy thousands of more hours with your overhauled motor, especially if you adhere to a recommended maintenance schedule and keep up with it. With a properly maintained engine, you will be able to go longer between overhauls.