Marine Diesel Generator Repair

Marine Diesel Generator Repair

Whether sitting in port or at anchor, the last thing you want to worry about is going out of your way to keep the electronics and comfort systems of your vessel functioning properly.

Why have your diesel generator serviced?

  • Decreased emissions!
  • Less unpleasant noise & vibrations!
  • Fewer avoidable & costly repairs!

With a malfunctioning diesel generator, both you and your neighbors will more than likely hate the fumes from the engine’s exhaust.

This along with the noise and vibrations will more than likely annoy everyone in and around your vessel. When you generator malfunctions, it is imperative that you get it repaired as quickly as possible. There could be several things wrong with it, just like when something malfunctions in your engine.

A diesel generator is a smaller version of your vessels motor that is only used for powering your electronic and comfort systems. When needing a generator repaired, it is crucial that you have a trained professional handle the task. A general handyman or a basic automotive technician working on the system can actually cost you more in both time and money than an appropriately trained diesel technician. Consider the generator as being just as important as your main motor – would you let your local handyman or automotive mechanic work on that? Highly doubtful, so make sure to treat your generator the right way.

A generator repair requires many of the same steps and procedures as a typical standard engine repair and overhaul. Making sure the fuel pump is clean and calibrated is an important step in the repair process, otherwise, the generator will not perform the way it is expected to. If you have had any issues with the fuel system, it is a smart idea to have the injectors looked at and possibly rebuilt while having your generator repairs performed.

As is the case with your main engine, when rebuilding/repairing or overhauling the generator, using parts that are in used or refurbished condition can cost you more money in the long term than simply replacing them with new parts at the time of the repair. It is highly recommended that when doing a major repair or overhaul, that you have your technician replace any worn down items rather than reusing them and risking them failing sooner than the rest of the newly replaced parts and components.

Make sure you are on a proper preventative maintenance schedule, especially after a major repair to your generator. This schedule will have your generator running like new for as long as possible and greatly extend the time between major repairs. With any major component in your vessel, maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your vessel and ensuring your continued pleasure on the water.