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Marine Vessel Repairs at RPM Diesel

Marine Vessel Repairs

Marine Vessel Repairs at RPM Diesel

Here at RPM diesel, we specialize in Marine Vessel Repairs and services including regular maintenance, new installations, and upgrades. There’s nobody better to work on the investment you’ve made in owning a diesel-powered boat. As an owner/operator of such a machine, you likely already have an idea of how important it is to maintain regular marine vessel repairs and keep up with maintenance. That’s why RPM diesel knows we’re the best for the job because we understand this better than anybody.  A  marine vessel, such as a boat, is powered at its heart by a diesel-based engine. Additionally, there are often many electrical components and/or appliances on board such as refrigerators and sound systems that need power which is almost always provided by a Marine diesel generator.

Generators and Engines both contain mechanical working parts that require regular maintenance to prevent total failure. Engines and generators- which really are just a kind of motor much like an engine- are self-damaging systems that utilize large amounts of heat and pressure to generate combustion, this is by design. While systems like coolant and oil distribution are in place to reduce self-damage, even these systems themselves are subject to wear and breakdowns.

One of the major marine vessel repairs we perform here is on The fuel injection system. This component is a delicate and integral part of any diesel engine. Our facilities are certified and authorized by BOSCH to be licensed repair centers. We use equipment and tools tested and calibrated to the very high and specific standards set by BOSCH in order to provide the best possible service equal to the manufacturer on your fuel rail.

If you’re looking for more power,  RPM diesel also offers Turbocharger install and repair. Turbochargers are a form of ‘forced induction that allows larger amounts of air to enter the engine, and thus provided substantial gains in power and performance. Many times this is up to double factory horsepower.

So many electrical appliances and amenities are available for boats these days, and many of which need to be powered by the boats onboard generator. A generator converts gasoline, or diesel fuel into electrical energy usable by devices such as radios, fridges, air conditioning, navigation systems,  and more. Being comfortable and safe at sea is important. If your generator is failing or is due for maintenance, stop by and ask about this and our other Marine Diesel Services.

There’s much more we can do for your vessel to keep it ship-shape. For more information on how to get your boat’s engine and generator on a regular maintenance schedule- or for info on upgrades and repairs, call RPM diesel today at: 1-800-660-6304

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