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Northern Lights Generator Parts

Northern Lights Generator Parts

RPM Diesel is South Florida’s premier source of professional and highly-dependable marine provider of diesel engine maintenance, fuel injection services, turbocharger services, and high-quality parts for a multitude of the industries best manufacturers. We have extensive experience helping our clients maintain the performance of their marine diesel engines and generator sets at optimal standards of operation through regularly scheduled maintenance and replacing the worn and obsolete components of your system as a whole as soon as they are no longer properly serving your vessel. At RPM Diesel Engine Co. we utilize genuine factory authorized replacement parts for all of our repairs as well as when we are supplying standalone parts to our clientele. Northern Lights is one of the most reliable manufacturers of marine diesel generator system in the industry today. RPM Diesel offers genuine Northern Lights generator parts for sale which are also used during maintenance and repair services of Northern Lights gensets.

Northern Lights had their beginnings as Alaska Marine Sales and Service in Anchorage, Alaska. Harold Johnson took the initiative to establish the company back in 1958 selling boats as well as other marine engine related products throughout the state. They filled the role of boating and marine related machinery providers through Alaska’s boating season. During the remaining portions of the year, the company needed to find another service or product to help continue propelling them into the highly successful business that they’d eventually become. The company began to offer clients snowmobiles as a convenient and efficient form of transportation through the icy environment of Alaska as well as land-based generator systems as a source of power for more remote regions of the state.

Toward the end of the 1960’s the company became well known for their expertise in manufacturing and customizing land-based generator systems and the trade name “Northern Lights” had been conceived. Today Northern Lights Generators are state-of-the-art pieces of machinery that have proven themselves to be among the best systems in the world. When you need a quality Northern Lights generator parts supplier turn to RPM Diesel Engine Co. Northern Lights offers users an extended list of marine generators to select from. Some of the Northern Lights commercial marine generators that you can choose from include:

  • 20/16KW: M20CRW3
  • 40/38KW: M40C3
  • 40/38KW: M40C3F
  • 50KW: M50C13
  • 55KW: M55C13
  • 65KW: M65C13
  • 150KW: M150C13
  • 200KW: M200C13
  • 250KW: M250C13

Contact us with any questions regarding our Northern Lights generator parts or any of our maintenance or repair services. We have a dedicated team of technicians who can help any queries that you may have regarding our company.

Northern Lights Generator Parts