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Northern Lights Marine Generators

Northern Lights Marine Generators

RPM Diesel has been providing high-quality marine engine / marine generators parts and services for our customers since 1956. We offer on-site services for major jobs worldwide that are carried out by marine and industrial experts. We have rare and hard to find parts for all major marine diesel manufacturers. Our company serves our customers with genuine parts for Northern Lights marine generators; we are NL factory authorized dealers. We can assist you with any services or installation needs that you may require to have your marine diesel engine running as efficiently as possible.

Northern Lights is known for its excellent reputation in the provision of high-quality marine generators. They have a history dating back to 1958 when their founder Harold Johnson established the company Alaska Marine in Anchorage, Alaska. We can provide maintenance and repair services for any Northern Lights Marine Generators. RPM Diesel can provide you with a multitude of services to keep your marine diesel generator performing optimally. Beside Northern Lights some of the manufacturers we service and distribute parts for include:

RPM diesel understands the importance of fast, professional repairs when there is a malfunctioning marine diesel generator. Generator repairs typically require much of the same measures and action required of a standard engine repair or overhaul service. RPM Diesel offers proficient repair services for your marine diesel generator performed by industry experts. Our experienced technicians offer comprehensive details of all services performed and give you valuable advice on how to better maintain your engine parts.

When performing repairs and overhauls on the main engine it is advised to use new parts rather than used or refurbished ones to the get the most out of your service. Doing so at this time will save you money in the long term. Our master technicians can identify the worn parts that need to be changed and replace them at the time of repair in order to prevent another system failure. Beside Northern Light Marine Generators repairs and service provision RPM Diesel offers our customers:

We understand that repairs are costly and no one like the unexpected expenses that comes with them. Our team at RPM Diesel is committed to serving our customers with integrity and expertise. One we take care of repairs we can help your engine running at its peak performance going forward with our regularly scheduled maintenance services. Having your Northern Lights Marine Generators serviced with our company guarantees decreased emissions and better performance. Having regularly scheduled maintenance will also save you from repair costs down the line. You can think of maintenance services as an investment toward the longevity and premier performability from your marine diesel engine and generator system.

Contact our team at RPM Diesel in order to have the some of the most knowledgeable and adept technicians in the industry work on your Northern Lights Marine Generators. We are diesel engine professionals and respected for our excellent customer service, maintenance, and repairs provision.  

Northern Lights Marine Generators

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