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RPM Diesel Engine Co has been providing South Florida with exceptional diesel services for years now. We take pride in our work and have made sure every component of our business and every service that we provide is top of the line. Our helpful staff is made up of only the most qualified technicians and support representatives so you will always find the help you need. RPM’s facilities include the latest testing and repair technology that the industry has to offer. We are Detroit Diesel and MTU factory authorized, so you know that you can trust us with one of your most crucial pieces of machinery.

• Diesel Engine Maintenance

A major selling point for diesel engines is that they are very sturdy and do not have any delicate electrical components to worry about. However, because of the high operating temperature of a diesel, it is important to maintenance your unit regularly. Keeping an eye on your hourmeter is important. Based on the manufacturer specifications and how often your unit is in use, we can create a specialized maintenance plan for you. As part of maintenance, we can: remove air from the fuel system to improve performance, change oil and air filters, drain water separators, maintenance the engines fuel injectors, introduce performance additives, and more.

• Diesel Engine Overhaul

Even with the best maintenance plan, there may come a time when your engine just needs something more. The solution might be a diesel engine overhaul. An overhaul means that our technicians will completely take apart, clean and rebuild your engine. Any parts that are worn will be replaced and the OEM of the engine will stay intact. We have genuine replacement parts for a whole host of diesel engine makes and models. Genuine parts and experienced technicians- you know that the job will be done correctly. If you constantly use your diesel engine, an overhaul may be the best course of action. It can add years to the lifeof your diesel without the cost or hassle of a total replacement.

• Turbocharger Installation and Service

A diesel turbocharger is beneficial to your engine in many ways. Your engine’s performance will be higher than ever as the horsepower doubles, torque and towing power improve, fuel efficiency increases, and emissions decrease. This is a great option if you are not completely satisfied with the performance of your current diesel but do not want to invest in a completely new engine. We offer turbochargers for a variety of brand name engines including:

  • IHI,
  • KKK,

RPM Diesel Engine Co is proud of the many diesel services that we offer and the above mentioned are just a few of them! We also offer fuel injection maintenance and diesel generator services. We are located on the heart of South Florida at 2555 W State Road 84 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Call us at 1 800-660-6304and talk with one of our technicians to set up your diesel services plan.

Diesel Services

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