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Turbochargers make more power! by RPM

Turbocharger. Turbocharge your Boat. Turbochargers; Repairs for a Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Turbochargers make more power! by RPM You may or may not have heard about turbochargers before, did you know that these amazing components can be used to give your marine vessel more power? At RPM, We know diesel, and we know how to enhance any diesel-based combustion engine to get the most out of it. That enhancement might have different meanings for everyone, whether that be ga mileage, extra horsepower, or both. At RPM, we can install turbochargers to get your boat up to speed, no pun intended! Installing turbochargers is called ‘turbocharging”. If your goal is more power, better milage, or a bit of…

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