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Turbocharger for Diesel Engine

Turbocharge your Marine Vessel

Finding a turbocharger for diesel engine performance is one way to increase its output and productivity. All diesel engines are in need or regular maintenance, but adding a turbocharger for diesel engine performance directly doubles its overall horsepower output and creates better fuel efficiency. This process is one of the most efficient ways to achieve a higher overall diesel engine performance a the addition of a turbocharger only requires minimal maintenance over time. At RPM Diesel we provide a turbocharger for diesel engine service and deliver a number of other marine diesel and generator duties expected from a service, repair, and products store. Our store is available online and includes a plethora of marine diesel and engine parts for all the top name brands in the marine diesel engine and generator industry.

Installing a turbocharger for diesel engine performance is an immediate way to increase the capacity of all types of marine diesel engines. Even a diesel engine with minimum horsepower benefits from this process and is one of the most popular, simple, and effective ways to keep your engine in tip-top shape. The listed benefits of installing a turbocharger for diesel engine performance are as follows:

  • Doubles the horsepower of your diesel engine
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Lower engine emissions
  • Improves torque and tower capabilities
  • Higher overall engine performance
  • Same lifespan as the motor

Some of the more regular maintenance services necessary to ensure your turbocharger remains 100% effective are similar to that of any diesel engine. Airflow to the turbocharger is important, which means the air filter needs to be changed routinely to minimize any particles that might compromise the turbocharger’s performance. This also applies to the compressor wheel to keep any dirt or grit from building up inside the mechanics. Lastly, turbochargers do require a large supply of high-quality clean oil and can benefit from the process of letting your engine and turbocharger cool down a bit after a prolonged performance to avoid super-heating the oil and creating a faster carbon buildup.

All of the aforementioned services are routine jobs that the professional diesel engine service technicians expertly handle. Our turbocharger service is only one of our duties, though. We also regularly perform repairs and maintenance on all major marine diesel engines, deliver fuel injection for diesel engines, repair any diesel generator, and execute full marine diesel engine overhauls.

At RPM Diesel we perform a variety of services applicable to the longevity of marine diesel engines and distribute products associated with these machines at highly competitive prices. Some of the brands we carry in relation to a turbocharger for diesel engine performance include Borg Warner, Garrett, Cummins, Holset, IHI, KKK, Mitsubishi, and Schwitzer. John Deere, Kohler, MTU, and Northern Lights are also popular name brands that we are authorized dealers and service providers for. If you would like a more detailed view of our services and products please visit our website at RPM Diesel Co. and be sure to Contact Us with any additional inquiries you might have.

Turbocharger for Diesel Engine

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