Diesel Engine Turbocharger Service

Turbocharger Service

Modern day diesel engines will use Turbochargers to increase the performance and fuel economy of the engine.

Why consider a Turbocharger for your diesel engine?

  • Doubles the horsepower of your engine!
  • Better fuel efficiency and higher overall engine performance!
  • Lowers engine emissions!
  • Improves torque and towing power!
  • Requires minimal maintenance!

We carry turbochargers from all major brands, including :

You can take an engine with minimal horsepower and increase it with a turbocharger.

This is a very efficient way for the engine manufacturer to increase horsepower for the equipment and helps to provide a very fuel efficient higher performance engine. The average lifespan of a turbocharger is nowadays the same as the motor itself when proper maintenance and use is adhered to.

Turbochargers require a large supply of high quality clean oil. A simple and oftentimes overlooked way to prolong the life of your turbocharger is after running the unit hard for prolonged periods, let it wind down for a bit before turning the engine off. This will allow the turbocharger to cool and not super heat the oil on the bearings leading to faster carbon buildup.

Making sure that there is plenty of airflow to the turbocharger that is as clean as possible will help to ensure the longevity of the turbocharger. Changing the air filter will also ensure plenty of clean air and minimizing the chance for particles to enter the turbocharger. Another way that your turbocharger can need servicing is from dirt or gritty dust causing damage to the compressor wheel.. Also, foreign objects has the potential to strike the compressor wheel or turbine wheel, causing major internal damage. No matter what the issue you may have with your turbocharger, we can fix it. From repair to complete overhaul we have you covered.