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Certified BOSCH repair Center

Factory Authorized Detroit Diesel Shop

Certified BOSCH repair Center

RPM  Diesel provides all sorts of services for Marine Vessel owners, Its good to know that we are a Certified BOSCH repair Center.

If your boat has a fuel injection system designed by BOSCH, RPM diesel offers BOSCH certified repairs for factory-level maintenance. These fuel injection systems are complex pieces of engineering that require advanced technical knowledge and, frequently, BOSCH certifications and equipment to be worked on.

For over 60 years, RPM Diesel has been providing expert repair services for diesel equipment, including Common Rail repairs and maintenance for both commercial and passenger vehicles. Our marine diesel specialists are renowned for their top-tier services that meet or exceed the standards established by OEM manufacturers for replacements and repairs. As one of the two BOSCH certified repair centers authorized to work on their fuel injection components, we offer a range of services including the crucial Fuel Injection maintenance. However, it is important to note that only professionally trained licensed diesel mechanics with access to certified equipment and workstations should attempt Fuel Injection maintenance. Keep reading to discover more!

For the maintenance of Fuel Injection, it is essential to have certified and regulated tools and workspaces. Our Bosch Certified Clean Room is used for performing all Fuel Injection maintenance, which is free of contaminants due to the use of HEPA filtered air systems. Our access to BOSCH’s software enables us to monitor the repair process in a much more advanced fashion. The software compares various parts of the Common Rail injector system, including shims, to the factory specifications set by Bosch. Our measuring tools and equipment are recalibrated every two weeks to ensure their accuracy, thus ensuring the accuracy of measurements and comparisons.

Our technicians who are certified and highly skilled carry out their work on Bosch-certified test benches. Specifically, they use the EPS 815 model bench which is designed by the manufacturer for the purpose of testing injectors of both passenger vehicle class (CRI) and commercial vehicle class (CRIN). All parts are tested thoroughly during the entire Common Rail assembly and/or repair process to ensure a smooth repair process. The same test bench can be used to test CRIN I, II, II, IV injectors, as well as CP3 and CP4 model Bosch fuel pumps. The specifications used for the test bench are derived from the same equipment that is used for assembling injection components at Bosch’s factories, like all other equipment involved in the process.

As a Licensed and certified BOSCH repair Center we pride ourselves on being able to provide this level of quality work, restoring our fuel injection components to their operational standard. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-660-6304.

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