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Bosch Common Rail Injector Repair

BOSCH certified Repairs

RPM Diesel provides Bosch common rail injector repair services that include testing, rebuilding, and repairing injectors. Common rail fuel injection systems play a crucial role in the performance of many kinds of engines and need to be maintained.

Attempting to diagnosis fuel injection problems on your own or save money with repairing diesel injectors yourself can do more harm than good. When it comes to repairing fuel injectors, it’s best to depend on professionals who have an understanding of how to best approach the issue and the equipment to do so for a proficient outcome.

What makes us the premier choice in common rail injector repair services is our knowledge, experience, and access to a top-tier Bosch injection testing bench. Together, our team has a shared passion for using our skill set to find solutions quickly that keep our customer’s engines performing better for longer.

Bosch Common Rail Injector Repair Shop

Injector Testing

RPM Diesel is proud to have access to one of the finest common rail testing benches in the entire South Florida area – the Bosch EPS 815 Common Rail Test Bench. We house the testing bench on-site, which allows us to continue to deliver high-quality services our clients can depend on.

The Bosch EPS 815 Common Rail Test Bench is able to perform testing on Bosch injectors including CRI, CRIN, CRIN I, II, III and IV, CP1, CP2, CP3, and CP4 common rail fuel pumps. It can use so-called “shot to shot” metering and has the capacity to measure between each firing event within 1/10 of a cubic millimeter.

Injector Repairing

Our Bosch common rail injector repair services also include cleaning, refurbishing, or rebuilding injectors and assembling common rail systems to meet original manufacturing specifications. These are done inside of a certified clean room that adheres to Bosch regulatory standards, including HEPA filtered air for quality assurance.

Each of the skilled diesel technicians that makes up our team also holds Bosch training certifications in order to deliver industry leading services. This training and experience coupled with the advanced testing software and 500+ shim sizes are the only way to know each detail is done with the level of precision necessary to achieve perfect results.

Contact RPM Diesel to schedule a Bosch common rail injector repair service soon. You can also speak to one of our diesel specialists directly by calling 800-660-6304.

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Bosch Common Rail Injector Repair