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Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics

Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics

RPM Diesel Engine Co., Inc takes great pride in being a preeminent Authorized Bosch Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics & Fuel Injector Facilities in Florida. We are an authorized Bosch repair shop. What does it mean to be an Authorized Bosch Diesel Factory Repair Shop?

Essentially, it means we comply with strict specifications for the tools, training, parts, test equipment, and training straight from the manufacturers of the fuel injection components. This is what makes RPM one of the top Bosch Common Rail Diesel Diagnostic providers in all of the south.

Bosch Trained and Certified Techs

  • Bosch EPS815 test bench, suited for testing Bosch CRI, CRIN, CRIN I, II, III and IV injectors, CP1, CP2, CP3, and CP4 common rail fuel pumps.
  • OE coverage includes MTU, MAN, Volvo Penta, Cummins, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, and many other on-highway and off-highway applications.
  • We are 1 of 2 Bosch factory authorized repair shops in Broward and Dade counties.
  • Bosch certified clean room with HEPA-filtered pressurized air
  • Service includes Bosch Quality Scan repairs, every repaired injector and pumps are uploaded to Bosch for trackability
  • We employ Bosch trained and certified techs
  • EPS815 is capable of “shot to shot” metering, able to measure to 1/10 of one cubic millimeter between firing events.
  • Computer-based assembly of fuel injectors.
  • Oldest fuel injection shop in South Florida since 1956

Basically, this means that the common rail and fuel injector products that you receive from RPM Diesel Engine Co. were placed together according to the most exacting standards and specifications formed by the manufacturer for every verified Bosch diesel equipment that was crafted and designed by the manufacturer.

This grants us the ability to sell authentic Bosch products that are equal to or better than those that came from the manufacturer itself. Unauthorized third party shops that are non-compliant and do not obtain the same factory authorized training and have the proper equipment to rebuild Bosch common rail injectors and run proper diagnostics. We do not cut corners when it comes to Bosch Common Rail diesel diagnostics & Injector maintenance.

All Bosch Common Rail Fuel Injectors that are placed together or rebuilt at our facility are done in our Bosch certified cleanroom. Every Bosch Certified Clean Room must have HEPA filtered air which allows the atmosphere to properly maintain the most incredibly tight environment that tolerates the diesel fuel injector’s requirements to work properly. 

From beginning to end the total fuel injector build process is laid out and monitored throughout the process according to Bosch’s proprietary software. Bosch software will determine the correct shims by using the exact measurements that are taken from each Bosch injector on the common rail and then compared against the requited factory specifications. Every piece of our measurement tooling is strictly adhered to so that the recalibration is performed to maintain top accuracy. When we place together with any common rail injector, we have the options to select from a huge variety (500 plus) of different sized shims. Precision shims for Bosch common rails are only available to Bosch Factory Authorized repair shops like RPM Diesel Engine Co.

With every Bosch common rail repair or assembly, all fuel injectors are thoroughly tested and vetted on our factory Bosch test bench. RPM Diesel Engine Co. has a factory Bosch EPS 815 test bench that comes supplied with the CRI/CRIN SST package and allows us to test every passenger car (CRI) and commercial (CRIN) common rail injectors plus CRIN I, II, III, and IV injectors, CP1, CP2, CP3, and CP4 common rail fuel pumps manufactured by Bosch. The Bosch test bench uses manufacturer specs that come straight from the common rail equipment that is used on the assembly line at all Bosch factories. Basically, this guarantees that the diesel injector will operate exactly according to manufacturer specs and strict emission levels as engineered by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Every diesel fuel injector for the Bosch common rail goes through a complete examination for repeatability and shot-to-shot consistency. RPM Diesel Engine Co.’s Bosch EPS815 test bench is fully capable of “Shot to Shot” metering, which is capable of measuring to 1/10 of one cubic millimeter between firing events. Shot-to-Shot testing is essential to make sure that the diesel fuel injector is mechanically functioning correctly to the exact specs that it has been electronically commanded from the manufacturer Bosch.


Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics

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