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Fort Lauderdale Diesel Service Provider

Fort Lauderdale Diesel Service

A diesel engine has many systems that work together simultaneously to create energy. From the fuel system to the common rail injectors, each of these components is important to the overall function of your diesel and the equipment it is powering. What should you do when one of these systems is thrown out of balance? Turn to the professionals. RPM Diesel has everything needed to provide you with superior Fort Lauderdale diesel service to keep your machinery in tip-top shape. 


Fuel Injection Servicing


The fuel injector lives up to its name. This piece of equipment in your engine delivers fuel to the combustion chambers. The injectors have a nozzle with a small tip. This allows for the fuel to be atomized into a fine mist for maximum surface area and the most efficient combustion. Sometimes, these nozzles can become clogged and combustion will slow or, in the worst-case scenario, stop altogether. Cleaning and repair of injectors is delicate work because of the intricate nature of the part. If an injector is improperly handled or subject to unclean conditions, you may end up with more problems than you started with. RPM has a certified injector clean room and our shop is Factory Authorized for injector services by the leading diesel manufacturers. 


Turbocharger Services


Turbochargers nearly double the horsepower and fuel efficiency of your diesel engine. They accomplish this by increasing airflow to the engine and therefore, boosting combustion. This makes it a great option for an upgrade when replacing your engine is just too expensive. However, maintaining your turbocharger properly is crucial to maintaining these sought after benefits. RPM can provide new turbocharger installs as well as maintenance your existing turbocharged engine. We use state of the art equipment to thoroughly test your turbocharger and have a stock of OEM parts on hand should we find an issue. Turbochargers e carry and service include:

  • IHI
  • KKK


Generator Services


The main diesel most people think of is the diesel engine. But sometimes, especially on marine vessels, there is a secondary diesel to worry about. A diesel generator is nearly identical to the engine but it serves a different purpose. The generator is usually smaller as its job is to power only the electrical components of your boat, not provide thrust. This includes the entertainment and air conditioning systems. Turning your generator on during each voyage, even if you don’t actually need it, is a great way to keep your generator running smoothly. Should a problem arise still, RPM can quickly identify and remedy the problem in our centrally located South Florida Repair shop. 


RPM Diesel

RPM has been the premiere Fort Lauderdale diesel service provider to South Florida and the Caribbean for over 10 years and is renowned for our knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to our craft. With a mobile fleet of repair vehicles which include a partial repair and parts shop, we can always be on hand to help you handle your diesel’s needs. Take a virtual tour of our facilities or contact us to set up a maintenance or repair appointment.

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Fort Lauderdale Diesel Service

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