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Marine Diesel Engine Repairs

Engine Overhaul

When you need marine diesel engine repairs, it’s best to take it to a diesel specialist. Diesel engines have common problems that a specialist will be familiar with. However, diesel engines have unique problems and use specialized parts not found in gas-powered engines.

Diesel engines are preferred to gas engines for a number of reasons. First, diesels have a high compression ratio as well as lower fuel consumption per horsepower when compared to gas engines. Diesels also have better torque ratios. 

In order to ensure you get the most from your marine diesel engine repairs, a diesel specialist is your best choice. Learn more about the advantages of diesel specialists below. To schedule an appointment for marine diesel engine repair in Fort Lauderdale, contact RPM Diesel for assistance.

Reasons You Need a Diesel Engine Specialist

There are many differences between gas engines and diesel engines. Diesel owners understand that their diesel engine maintenance practices will be different than their gas engine counterparts. 

A diesel specialist will be more inclined to explain what these differences are and how to properly care for your marine diesel engine over time. For instance, diesel engines need to be warmed up. This is a crucial factor for a diesel engine to perform at the efficient level it is designed to.

A diesel engine has an intercooler, for instance. The intercooler reduces the temperature when the heat becomes too high. Air filters and fuel filters also need to be changed routinely since they interfere with high emissions.

Your diesel engine specialist will know about these factors as well as how to perform the routine marine diesel engine repairs you need to gain maximum performance. 

Marine Diesel Engine Repairs in Fort Lauderdale

Having a comprehensive understanding of the unique factors and common problems that make diesel engines so powerful is the primary reason that a diesel specialist is the best choice for your engine. Marine diesel engine maintenance itself is becoming increasingly complex, especially as more electrical components are added to diesel vessels. 

The marine diesel service technicians at RPM Diesel have the tools, training, and resources necessary to ensure your engine’s overall health. We provide a variety of diesel engine and fuel injection services to maximize performance and increase longevity.

Contact RPM Diesel at 800-660-6304 today to schedule a service appointment soon.

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Marine Diesel Engine Repairs

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