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What Are Diesel Injector Services For?

Diesel Engine Power

Diesel injector services are an important part of routine diesel engine maintenance and help to ensure maximum performance. Over time, diesel injector nozzles, pumps, and pistons will gradually get a build-up of deposits. 

Deposit build-ups can occur on any type of engine. If you have a diesel engine, diesel injector services will be a necessity at some point. Learn more about servicing diesel injectors below. To schedule diesel fuel injection service in Fort Lauderdale, contact RPM Diesel.

What Are Diesel Injector Services For?

Generally, with older diesel engines that accumulated a lot of miles, diesel injector servicing will involve performing a flush to clean the diesel injectors and the fuel injection pump. However, flushing the system is more involved than using a simple additive in the tank. 

While using additives can be highly useful as a prevention method, it’s still vital to clean the different components more thoroughly. The results from diesel injector services can greatly increase power, reduce smoke emissions, improve start-up, enhance acceleration and maximize performance. 

When cleaning fuel injectors yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind. One of the most important steps is finding the supply and return valves for the fuel system. Supply valves provide fuel into the injectors and return valves process used fuel. 

In order to get the most from cleaning fuel injection systems and diesel injectors, it’s highly recommended to hire a reputable company. Diesel maintenance and repair companies that provide fuel injection services will have access to highly advanced equipment capable of properly testing, cleaning, and adjusting your injectors.

Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance In Fort Lauderdale

For anyone looking for marine diesel engine maintenance and diesel generator repair services in the South Florida area, our experts are here to help. RPM Diesel Engine Company is proud to be one of the premier providers of marine diesel engine and fuel injection services serving our local community.

In addition to the professional services we provide, we also carry a diverse variety of diesel engine maintenance parts that can be found online or at our store. Our commitment to excellence, experience, and expertise combined are what has set us apart since first opening in 1956.

Call RPM Diesel at 1-800-660-6304 today to schedule a service appointment soon.

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