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Northern Lights Diesel Generator

Northern Lights Diesel Generator

Some people show brand loyalty and already know exactly what they are in the market for when purchasing products and seeking repairs. If you know that you or your business personally desire a Northern Lights Diesel Generator maintenance plan, look no further than RPM Diesel Company. Known and respected as a complete source for all types of marine engine repair part sales, on-site service repairs, and marine engine maintenance, RPM Diesel Company prides itself on its comprehensive knowledge in the marine and industrial diesel industry. Due to our relationship with manufacturers, we have a full-service product list for the highest-quality marine engines and generators and are able to offer all of our products, such as replacement parts for the Northern Lights Diesel Generator, at affordable prices.

Northern Lights has become a premier manufacturer of high-quality marine solutions, such as the Northern Lights Diesel Generator. After founder Harold Johnson established his original company under the name Alaska Marine Sales and Service in the city of Anchorage, Alaska, he had to become creative to continue to be successful due to the short boating season. This solution came in the form of snowmobiles and quickly began to include land-based generators for those further inland. By the early 1960’s  Northern Lights began packaging and creating their own air-cooled diesel and Lima generators, and thus the official first Northern Lights Diesel Generator was produced.

As a whole, RPM Diesel boasts a full product inventory of all top-notch name brand products in the Marine Diesel Engine service industry. We also have a repertoire of additional parts to complement your Northern Lights Diesel Generator and provide our own services for repair and maintenance to ensure you don’t accrue additional costs in the long-run when operating your product. As such, RPM Diesel is a proud carrier of service parts for every type of Northern Lights Diesel Generator no matter what purpose you might be using it for. We offer service and maintenance for each following type of Northern Lights Diesel Generator:

  • Recreational Marine Generators
  • Commercial Marine Generators
  • Land-Based Generators

In addition to our services and service parts for your Northern Lights Diesel Generator, we have a fully knowledgeable staff and product warehouse for the other popular brands Detroit Diesel, Kohler, MTU, and Fuchs Silkolene. Being an all-inclusive marine diesel generator service company affords us the opportunity to grow our comprehensive knowledge in our customer’s products, guaranteeing our ability to help whoever comes to us with whatever issue they might have a satisfactory outcome.

RPM Diesel is a fully staffed marine diesel engines and generators company that provides exceptional service and maintenance in addition to a comprehensive product catalog of repair and maintenance parts for your Northern Lights Generator or other marine diesel service engines. Working in a timely manner with our collected experience in knowledge in this industry, our impressive staff will have your engine running in no time.Visit Our Store for more information and to view our product selection and Contact Us with any questions or comments at the links provided.

Northern Lights Diesel Generator