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Common Rail Rebuild in Florida

Common Rail Rebuild in Florida

If you’re in search of a reliable common rail rebuild in Florida, you’ve landed on the right page. With diesel engines becoming more complex and efficient, the demand for precision in every component is paramount. One such critical component is the common rail system. Rebuilding a common rail system is no small feat and should be trusted only to the experts. That’s where RPM Diesel steps in.

The High Stakes of Common Rail Systems

Modern diesel engines require high-pressure fuel injection systems for better fuel atomization, which translates to more efficient combustion. Common rails serve this exact purpose. When these systems falter, your engine not only loses its efficiency but can also incur damage over time. Therefore, it’s crucial to rely on professional common rail rebuild services to maintain peak performance.

Why RPM Diesel is Your Go-to Expert for Common Rail Rebuild in Florida

Unlike unauthorized third-party shops that basically guess their way through a common rail rebuild, RPM Diesel brings unparalleled accuracy and expertise to the table. We are 1 of 2 Bosch factory-authorized repair shops in Broward and Dade counties. We employ Bosch trained and certified techs who ensure that your common rail system meets or exceeds OE specifications for a range of manufacturers including MTU, MAN, Volvo Penta, and many more.

  • Precision Testing: Our Bosch EPS815 test bench can test Bosch CRI, CRIN I, II, III and IV injectors, and CP1, CP2, CP3 and CP4 common rail fuel pumps. The test bench is equipped with “shot to shot” metering, capable of measuring to 1/10 of one cubic millimeter between firing events.
  • Trackability: All our common rail rebuild services include Bosch Quality Scan repairs. All repaired injectors and pumps are uploaded to Bosch for trackability.
  • Certified Clean Room: Your common rail injectors are assembled or repaired in our Bosch certified clean room with hepa-filtered pressurized air. This allows us to maintain the incredibly tight tolerances that these diesel fuel injectors require.
  • Proprietary Software: We utilize Bosch’s proprietary software to determine the correct shims, using exact measurements taken from each injector. Our measurement tools undergo frequent recalibration to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

Making History, One Rail at a Time

Established in 1956, RPM Diesel is the oldest fuel injection shop in South Florida. This legacy means that our common rail rebuild services adhere to the most exacting specifications laid out by the manufacturers. We choose from a wide array of precision shims, exclusively available to Bosch Factory Authorized repair shops like us, for assembling any common rail injector.

The Last Word: Don’t Compromise, Opt for the Best

When it comes to common rail rebuild in Florida, the name you can trust is RPM Diesel. Our rich legacy, Bosch-certified processes, and unmatched expertise ensure that your diesel engine performs at its best, both on and off the highway.

Ready to revitalize your diesel engine’s performance? Reach out to us for a consultation and discover how RPM Diesel can elevate your common rail system to meet and exceed industry standards.

Common Rail Rebuild in Florida


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