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Fuel Injector Services by RPM Diesel

Fuel Injector services

Fuel Injector Services by RPM Diesel

For over 50 years, RPM diesel has been performing top-quality fuel injector services like Common Rail repairs and maintenance on diesel equipment. We have been in business since 1956 to be precise, and in that time we have handled maintenance and repair work for many recreational, passenger, and commercial vessels. RPM has built a reputation as the leading Specialists when it comes to handling the often delicate and complex repair work involved in fixing and maintaining Diesel Engines and Generators, specifically as it pertains to Fuel Injector services.

We are one of only two facilities in the Broward/Dade greater area that is factory Authorized by Bosch to work on their fuel injection components, like the Bosch Common Rail injector. What this means is we are required to maintain an extremely strict level of training, tools, test equipment, and parts that meets, and often exceeds the standards Bosch set for themselves and their products. Bringing in your diesel engine for Fuel Injector services is equal to bringing it directly to the manufacturer.

HEPA air filters are used to maintain a sterile environment in our certified, clean areas designated for workspaces on these components. We use licensed Bosch technician software, to make our systems aware of the assembly process from start to finish. This software and hardware working together actively monitor the progress of the assembly and repair. The software compares the many parts of the Common Rail injector system in its current state, such as the shims, to the factory specifications set down by Bosch. In order to ensure the measurements and comparisons are accurate, our measuring tools and equipment are subjected to a strict bi-weekly recalibration schedule in which these tools are ensured to be correct.

During the process, we also rigorously test our work as we go, using our certified bosch test bench. Specifically  we utilize the test bench with model # EPS 815. This bench is used to test all passenger vehicle class (CRI) and commercial vehicle class (CRIN) injectors. That same test bench is also capable of testing CRIN I, II, II, IV injectors as well as CP3 and CP4 model Bosch fuel pumps. Like all our other equipment involved in this process, the test bench is set to specifications derived right from the same equipment used to assemble the injection components at Bosch’s factories.

RPM diesel performs maintenance and repairs on every aspect of your diesel engines and generators, not just the fuel injection. For more information about our services, or to learn how you can get on a regular maintenance schedule, call today at  1-800-660-6304

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