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Common Rail Injector Services

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As any diesel engine owner knows, the fuel injection system is the heart of the entire operation. While there are multiple types of fuel injector systems, one that is lauded almost universally and oft utilized is the common rail fuel injector. The highly-trained technicians at RPM Diesel have offered swift and expert common rail injector services and our breadth of knowledge to South Florida diesel owners for many years. 

What Is A Common Rail Fuel Injector?

A common rail fuel injector is actually a network consisting of a few different components. As fuel leaves the fuel tank, it enters into the first of these components: the high-pressure pump. The fuel is pressurized inside the cp3 pump before entering into the rail. The rail itself is a complex piece of equipment. It not only feeds fuel into the injectors but it also further checks and regulates fuel pressure using a pressure sensor. Proper pressurization is crucial. Fuel should enter into the injectors as a mist as this results in the safest and most efficient combustion. Pressurization of the fuel ensures it is a fine and consistent mist. Once the fuel leaves the namesake rail and is atomized within the injectors, combustion occurs and the resulting heat energy is used to power the vehicle or vessel.  

Why Common Rail? 

So why opt for a common rail fuel injection system in the first place? Common rail injectors are often described as “cleaner”. This is due to a few different factors that all amount to one thing: Common rail fuel injection uses less fuel on average. When the fuel is atomized, there is a much higher surface area. This results in more effective combustion, as no fuel is being wasted. Common rail systems also supply fuel directly to the area of combustion (the injectors). With low-pressure injection systems, there are many tanks and filters the fuel must pass through in order to reach the injectors. This causes volume loss as the fuel travels through the system. 


All of this results in a diesel engine that produces significantly less noise and emissions. Along with increased fuel efficiency, this makes common rail diesels far superior to their predecessors and much less of a hassle for the owner. 

RPM Diesel Difference 

As you can see, with so many components working at such intense conditions, proper maintenance and eventual repair of your common rail injector are crucial. While there are many shops that offer common rail injector services, RMP Diesel sets itself apart in a few key ways. The first being that we are one of only two Bosch authorized repair shops in Broward and Dade counties. 


Our shop employs a Bosch EPS815 test bench which is capable of accurately assessing a variety of rails and injectors. We also have an authorized Bosch cleanroom which is filled with HEPA-filtered pressurized air. All repairs are put into the Bosch Quality Scan database to allow for easy trackability for future work.  RPM Diesel is also the oldest South Florida fuel injection shop, being established in 1956. Our dedication and breadth of knowledge will surely impress and you will have no doubt that your diesel engine and common rail injector is in the safest possible hands. 


Here at RPM, we are diesel enthusiasts! We approach every maintenance session, repair, and replacement with the same professionalism and enthusiasm as we have for the past 64 years. Trust only the best to provide your common rail injector services. Take a virtual tour of our digs or call us at 1-800-660-6304 to speak with an RPM Deisel Services technician. 

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