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Ship Engine Maintenance Plans at RPM Diesel

Ship Engine Maintenance

Ship engine maintenance is an essential piece of the puzzle for any marine diesel owner. A vessel’s diesel engine can last for many years. However, improper or infrequent maintenance can send this normally hearty piece of equipment into a tailspin that can end up costing time and money. While there are many DIY guides out there, it is better to leave most diesel maintenance to the professionals. RPM Diesel is factory authorized for maintenance on a variety of leading engine brands including Detroit Diesel / MTU, Northern Lights, Kohler, Westerbeke, and more. Our expert team of technicians will always leave your diesel in the best condition possible so you can enjoy your vessel, whether it be for functional or leisure purposes.


What To Leave To The Professionals?

Many diesels have a variety of complicated cooling, oil, and fuel injection systems that keep it functioning properly. Each of these components includes its own series of pumps, valves, and moving mechanical parts. It is easy to see why maintenance can get a bit confusing if you are not a trained technician.

RPM will make sure that every aspect of your diesel is inspected and serviced. We begin by checking your cooling system and changing coolant if necessary as acidic coolant can be extremely detrimental. We will also check your oil, which is vital to keep your system lubricated and free of particulates. Based on manufacturer specifications and engine hours, we will determine if your oil needs to be changed. 

However, while most at home maintenance may stop there, RPM goes deeper. We thoroughly inspect your oil and fuel filters and the valves and gaskets that support them. Next, we will make sure your cooling system is in tip-top shape. The raw water pump and sea strainer are checked to make sure no parts, such as the impeller, have been damaged. RPM Diesel only uses the highest quality fuel, oil, and coolant to ensure the optimal function of your diesel. In the event that a part does break, we have a stock of hard to find OEM parts. 


What Can You Do?

While it is true that we recommend that you turn to a professional for the majority of your ship engine maintenance, there are things that you as a vessel owner can do to keep your diesel in the best shape. First of all, start with high-quality fuel and keep your tank full. Prime fuel will make sure that the delicate anatomy of your fuel injection system stays clean. Keeping your tank full reduces strain on your engine and keeps microbes or algae from growing in your tank. 

It is also recommended that you check your oil levels before each and every voyage. This may seem tedious, but it is a relatively quick process that will save you many headaches from an engine breakdown. Keep in mind that, due to the nature of a diesel engine, the oil will become discolored much quicker than it actually needs to be replaced, so you are really only checking to make sure there is enough. By following these simple guidelines and keeping up with a regularly scheduled RPM maintenance plan, you can keep your diesel and vessel running smoothly.


RPM Diesel has been serving Florida and the Caribbean from our state-of-the-art shop in South Florida for many years. If you want to see just why our customers trust no one else with the health of their diesel engine, take a virtual tour of our facility or contact us today!

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Ship Engine Maintenance

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